Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie review

Recently Tales of a Ranting Ginger was invited to check out Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie  See What Sarah had to say about it below.


I have always been a fan of dinosaurs. As an animal lover, I am so curious about creatures who lived on planet Earth millions of years ago.  Dinosaur exhibits are always my favourite in museums, so I was really excited to screen Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie.

The movie takes place in Alaska in the late Cretaceous period more than 70 million years ago. Co-narrator Alex (an Alexornis – bird, voiced by John Leguizamo) brings us back in time to the story’s protagonist Patchi (a Pachyrhinosaurus – think a dinosaur that looks like a rhinoceros, voiced by Justin Long).

We meet Patchi after his mom has thrown up to feed all of Patchi’s brothers and sisters – as the runt of the litter he’s having a hard time getting his fair share. His older, bigger, more confident brother Scowler (voiced by Skyler Stone) has taken his. Patchi sees some leftovers on the outside of the nest and he goes over to eat.  Unfortunately, a Troodon (a large, Ostrich like bird) decides Patchi is a snack and grabs his head with his mouth. Patchi’s dad, the leader of the herd, saves Patchi but not before a hole is made in Patchi’s head.

Life is pretty much an up hill battle for Patchi from there on (as he tells us through correcting Alex’s narration).

But even though life is rough, Patchi remains a friendly positive dinosaur. As he grows up, the audience learns with Patchi about many of the different dinosaurs sharing both his north and south Alaskan homes while following him on many migrations. Every time Patchi sees a new animal, he asks friend or foe. The audience is then told the animal’s name, what the name means and the type of eater they are.

We see Patchi fall in love for the first time, we see him overcome many disasters – both natural and in dinosaur battle – and grow in to his place as his herd’s hero.

Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie is the ultimate family friendly underdog story that teaches while entertaining thoroughly. Even the scarier parts are met with humour thanks to Alex, who made the audience break out into hysterics while describing the film’s most dangerous dinosaur. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is old enough to keep the 3D glasses on throughout the film…and I will definitely be seeing it again!

Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie roars into theatres on December 20, 2013– just in time to take your family over the holiday break.

Sarah Lynn is a gigantic dinosaur fan. She lives in Toronto with her partner, daughter and cat. She blogs at YYZ Bambina.


  1. My son can't wait to see this one! We are counting down for it to be released.

  2. This looks really cute. I think my sister in law is going to take my son and I want to see it as well.
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  3. We got the chance to see this movie and loved it! I went with a bunch of 5 year olds and we all thought it was a great story.

  4. i'm the only person in my family who will keep 3d glasses on!! the rest take them off quick- including my husband!
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  5. My son loves to watch this preview on our apple tv, we will have to take him to see it!
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  6. My little sponge who is 3 would LOVE this movie. He was telling us animal names and what they eat the other day and my husband and I just looked at each other like WOAH! Where the heck did he learn that!! Lol!
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  7. That looks so cool! Definitely want to see this!!!
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  8. This looks so cute! My 6 yr old is really into 3d movies now that we got a smart TV. We will have to see this.

  9. I'm DYING to see this movie, I think we're ALL going to like it.
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  10. I bet my son would love to see this. He loves dinosaurs.
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