50 Things a Traveler Should know Infographic

I recently came across a fun infographic for travelers. Since I have been doing more and more family travel with the children I wanted to share. Tips, tricks, language and more. Check it out 

50 Things A Traveller Should Know

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Did you find something on the infographic helpful or fun?



  1. I scored 32! The perfectionist in me thinks i need to book a vacation in order to better my score…..

  2. "always remove your shoes before entering a Canadian house" erm, no, not always. There are plenty of times when us Canadians say "oh no, leave your shoes on" and we mean it. This is especially common for house parties. It's not rude to ask what to do with your shoes, so just ask. I just read an article written in Japan saying that Americans and Canadians find it rude if they are asked to take their shoes off at someone's house, not true either!

  3. very interesting.

  4. Always enjoy the infographics! 🙂 Some interesting and unusual travel tips to think about. Thanks for sharing!
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  5. Fun quiz/infographic! Still so much to learn about the world! 🙂

  6. Funny it turned that I don’t know a lot about Europe even tho I live there. There’s always more to learn, thanks for sharing!


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