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Valentine’s day is in the air. I agree you can celebrate your love any time of year. But the reminder is always nice. For Valentine’s day this year I am hoping for date night. But I think it will happen either before or after. Hard to get reservations in a small town and it is nice for the entire family to hang out. So dinner in and then date night 🙂

Along with other fabulous Canadian bloggers I am giving away a $50 gift card to M&M meats for you to make a romantic dinner at home for you and your loved one. Or if you it fits better, a family meal . Enter the form below for your chance to win. Be sure to get as many entries as possible to increase your odds. Good luck! 

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  1. No firm plans for valentine's day yet. Just plan on spending the time with my boys and my husband.

  2. Erinn Lishman says

    My hubby and I have no plans 🙁 he works late nights so we will have to celebrate another time.

  3. Heather Benoit says

    Awesome giveaway ty !!

  4. Haven't made any plans yet….maybe a late supper and movie depending on when my better half is done work.

  5. Nothing different than any other day. I know it’s a day to show someone that you love them, however, I choose to do that on a daily basis for my wife and daughter.

  6. Nothing much

  7. Lou Lessard says

    Staying at home with kids & hubby but will try to make a special dessert for our family dinner to celebrate Valentine's day – I think I may use the heart shape cake pan that I haven't used in years !

  8. We are leaving at 9pm that night to head to our cruise to the Bahamas! Sunshine here we come!!!!

  9. No big plans for Valentines….maybe devour some chocolate lol

  10. I love M&M Meats! Thanks or the great giveaway!

  11. I'm honestly not sure yet, we don't usually do anything. I'll probably try to cook something awesome lol
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  12. paula schuck says

    My plans are to move! Yes Valentine's weekend we are moving. Yay. No celebrating that weekend but we will be doing something together early – probably dinner out.
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  13. For Valentine's Day, we'll have a scavenger hunt for the kids.

    Jenna EM
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  14. i am not sure yet. my hubby and i usually stay in so im hoping hes making me dinner lol

  15. Terri O'Donnell says

    For Valentine’s Day this year, we are taking munchkin skating then he is going to visit his Grandparents while we go out for a nice dinner – then home again for an early morning (the joys of kids in hockey lol)

  16. A movie at home with a bottle of vino!

  17. I will be spending it with the kids at my son's hockey game. Hubs is having a boys weekend away skiing

  18. CndMomReviews says

    We are staying home on Valentines day and having a special meal with the kids and husband.
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  19. Debbie Flynn says

    Probably dinner and a movie

  20. no plans yet! hopfully the fiance has some <3

  21. This year will be blah, the hubby is taking a course for the volunteer fire dept. which runs all weekend.

  22. My plans for Valentines Day are dinner and a movie :)!

  23. My Valentine's Day plans are to have a fancier than normal dinner in with some wine to celebrate

  24. spending the day before helping my Best Friend and her beau move, then enjoying V day with my dog.

  25. eva phillip says

    unfortunately my husband will be away this valentines at work…so I think I will take my kids out for a nice meal and celebrate after with the hubby. 🙂

  26. special home cooked meal and the rest is to be determined

  27. lyndac1968 says

    no plans really, just staying home and cooking a nice meal and just relaxing

  28. Elaine Vnuk says

    I am hoping to have a nice family dinner with my husband and 2 sons.

  29. Not sure yet if we are going out or staying home to watch a movie and eat chocolate. Hard to tell what the weather will be like.

  30. sharon painter says

    Quiet home cooked meal and movie with my honey!

  31. Dayna Wilson says

    Well, this year V-day is 2 weeks before my planned c-section… so honestly, i probably wont be up to much beyond putting our toddler to bed and then eating takeout on the couch. Just hanging out with the hubby is a good time… hopefully he'll get me some chocolate 😉

  32. julie bolduc says

    Making a nice dinner for my family snd maybe a movie

  33. wendy Hutton says

    no plans at all

  34. Working on the ranch, working at job in town, working on the ranch… hubby will make us supper. Cards and visiting in the evening with friends and neighbors… sounds like a good time to me! 😉

  35. Usually I bake a heart shaped chocolate cake for my hubbie and he usually brings me lovely flowers.

  36. dinner with my daughter

  37. I don't have any valentines day plans

  38. We will have a nice dinner out!

  39. susanne mccarthy says

    no plans…play it by ear

  40. just a nice, quiet, home-cooked meal

  41. quiet dinner.i'm cooking

  42. A quiet night in with a homecooked meal 🙂

  43. My plans are to order in sushi and enjoy a bottle of wine with my husband after our son goes to bed.

  44. It's my birthday, so I either go out for Chinese or Mexican but a pitcher of margarita's are always involved.

  45. i think we are going to try to watch a movie together

  46. No plans

  47. Cheryl Grandy says

    I'm going to a dinner theatre at my church. It's a comedy done by people I know, so I'm very excited.

  48. No plans. We have two small kids and are working hard at saving for a downpayment for a house. If we win the M&M gift card we will have a great family night with great food, games and a movie!

  49. absolutely nothing.

  50. Just gonna stay home, maybe have a date with some ben and jerrys

  51. SweetPanda says

    We will probably just go out to have dinner and that's it

  52. Having a Birthday Party for my son! We usually celebrate Valentine's day in September.
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  53. I plan to surprise hubby with Boeuf Bourguignon which is his favorite meal. I'll do dishes and chores so he can relax and feel loved and appreciated

  54. vanessa wrzesien says

    I plan on spending thr night snuggled in bed with my love 🙂

  55. Andrea Williams says

    The hubby and I usually do a nice lunch together and I try to make a special dessert for the kids when they get home after school.

  56. For Valentine's Day, my husband and I are going out for dinner.

  57. no plans yet…hopefully something fun and romantic

  58. We are going to go out for dinner on valentines day.

  59. Elva Roberts says

    It will probably be a quiet day with my husband and we will enjoy each other's company!

  60. No plans. We're working

  61. Sabrina Tong says

    I don't make plans, something always comes up LOL 🙂

  62. Celebrating with hubby and LO.

  63. dinner out

  64. Marjorie L. says

    dinner at home with family

  65. Dinner and a movie

  66. I don't have any plans at all.

  67. No plans …. yet

  68. W'll be home, snuggling on the couch

  69. Have a nice meal together with Hubby.
    great tasty gc too.

  70. It is our first Valentine's Day as parents so I was going to do something special . . but turns out my hubs has a playoff game Friday and Saturday night. So likely headed to the Arena, thats romantic right? 😉

  71. shauna wyspianski says

    My plan is just an evening at home with my kids.

  72. We are staying in and will probably make dinner together and then watch a movie.

  73. Okay, so last yr valentines was dissapointing, I got a text msg from my husband at noon wishing me a happy valentines day only b/c a coworker reminded him it was valentines day. My 30th bday wasnt much different, no plans made so this valentines day I have decided to take matters into my own hands and took over plans! I'm packing up the kiddies and we are heading to Ottawa & the rideau canal to enjoy valentines day skating & having a blast! I figure its only right when valentines day should be about spending time with the love of your life, I'm blessed to have 3 (kiddies included in that count 😉 )

  74. Can't wait it spend a nice evening with my wifey!

  75. My wife and I are going out to dinner and then a movie. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

  76. Plans include dinner, a movie, some wine and a nice long ______ -well, you can fill in the blank 😉

  77. Dinner and a movie

  78. Husband is working so we will probably go out for dinner on the weekend.

  79. if hubby is home, dinner and a movie, if not , then dinner and movie at home with my doggie

  80. I'm taking my wife out for dinner.

  81. We will have a nice family Valentine's dinner

  82. A tame Valentines for my son and I – we opted for a heart shaped pizza from Boston Pizza coupled with hot chocolate – followed by warm wool socks and a movie !

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  83. Pizza with the kids.

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