Celebrate Canada’a Victories at SOCHI Winter Olympics with Molson Canadian

Every time team Canada plays hockey I can not help but get excited. I am not a huge hockey fan and I really do not have a favourite team. But get a National game going and you have me. I can remember the raw emotion from the entire nation when the Canadian men’s hockey team brought home gold in 2010. Seeing people wave our flag in the streets, leaving their homes to cheer outside and celebrate with their neighbours and tears of joy in so many eyes. It was a sight and feeling like no other. Truly amazing! 

During the Sochi Winter Olympic Games Canadians will be able to celebrate our victories the same way our athletes did in Vancouver. For the first time, Molson Canadian is making its Victory Bottles available to Canadians across the country.

Molson Canadian Victory Bottle

These Molson Canadian Victory Bottles are 625 mL replicas of the original three-litre versions presented to athletes in Vancouver as a symbol of our gratitude for their achievements.


At select retailers, bars and restaurants across Canada in January & February.

Suggested Retail Price

Prices vary by province

The survey by Molson Canadian, an Official Supporter of the Canadian Olympic Team, found that when we see our athletes atop an Olympic Podium it brings our country together like few things can. More than a third (35%) of Canadians say they feel most proud to be Canadian when one of our athletes wins gold, compared to a quarter (25%) who feel that way when celebrating on Canada Day.

Emotional Gold 
Olympic Gold Medals can make us pretty emotional too. A third of Canadians say they will likely cry or get choked up during the medal ceremony if Canada wins a Gold Medal in Sochi. More than a quarter (27%) of us will likely sing ‘O Canada’ in public.


I bet many Canadians will pick up some of these Molson Canadian Victory Bottles just to keep as a keepsake. This is such a cool looking bottle, looks like a champagne bottle. Molson Canadian has really gotten into the Olympic spirit. Check out this amazing video below

Giveaway time!

To help celebrate the Canadian hockey team and the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Molson Canadian has offered my Canadian readers a fabulous prize!

Molson prize pack

The prize pack includes Team Canada and Molson Canadian branded hat, scarf, koozie and skate boot (not the beer bottle, just used to show koozie) Winner must be legal drinking age. Enter via the form below. Good luck!


  1. I was at the Olympics in Vancouver and saw Alex Bilodeau get his gold medal…It was amazing.

  2. Canadian hockey teams winning gold in the last olympic.

  3. My favorite Olympic memory would be when Sidney Crosby scored gold for Canada in 2010 during overtime leaving the ending score at 3-2.

  4. Heather Benoit says

    Canada winning a gold !!!

  5. Tracy Saddul says

    The gold medal hockey game topped off a great fun experience of the whole Olympics. The whole vibe in Vancouver was actually my favorite part though.

  6. The mens hockey team winning in 2002.

  7. Cheering them on from my couch with my family every time!!! (Especially Patrick Chan with my daughter!!)

  8. Sharon Silljer says

    When Team Canada (skip Sandra Schmirler) won gold in Nagano!

  9. eva phillip says

    watched 2010 gold medal hockey game on a beach with about 100 other Canadians in cancun, mexico…we even wore our mitts on the beach and hockey jersey's best day ever… 🙂

  10. lyndac1968 says

    that would have to be the Canadian hockey teams!!

  11. lyndac1968 says

    can't wait to try the Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, they look so good and plus they're red and white!!!

  12. My favourite memory is the Vancouver Olympics,,seemed like all of Canada became patriotic and it felt like Canada just got closer and the athletes were just amazing in either winning or losing.

  13. andrea amy says

    The Calgary Winter olympics in 1988. I'm Calgarian 🙂

  14. Dayna Wilson says

    I lived in Sydney, Australia during the 2000 olympics, and my school choir got to perform at the opera house for the opening ceremonies. It was amazing.

  15. julie bolduc says

    Canada winning a gold oh yeah!!!!!!! 😉

  16. Doris Calvert says

    The first time the mens Canadian hockey team won the gold medal against Russia in the 60s, okay dating myself! I would love this prize pack we are fanatics about Canada and hockey, skating are our top two.

  17. wendy Hutton says

    Canada winning a gold metal

  18. Canada winning GOLD in hockey!

  19. Florence C says

    The Brad Gushue Curling Team winning the gold in 2010 at Whistler

  20. The Vancouver Olympics opening ceremonies intrigued me.

  21. Canadians winning medals (of any rank, it is amazing to get to be the best in the world!!) is awesome for us! We love all the sports and support the effort and dedication it takes to compete at these levels! 😀

  22. Michelle K says

    I don't have just one – just anytime Canada wins!!!

  23. susanne mccarthy says

    Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver!

  24. I dont have a favourite memory but I have enjoyed watching them with my son.

  25. quebeccouponingchickies says

    i dont know.. i love watching all the different sports!

  26. christinetopley says

    I can't pick a favourite. Canada winning Gold in any event is tops in my books!

  27. christinetopley says

    Would love to try the Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

  28. Monique L.S. says

    My favourite memory of the Olympics is that my uncle was a torch bearer. I don't remember when this was as I was very young, but it was in the early 80's I believe. It was a proud moment.

  29. bina edwards says

    figure skating


  31. I love the opening ceremonies in Vancouver and Calgary. I remember some medals won by Canadian figure skaters such as Brian Orser, Elvis Stojko, Elizabeth Manley and Joannie Rochette.

  32. hmrcarlson says

    I went to the Olympics when they were in Montreal in 1976. I was 5!

  33. My favourite Olympic moment Crosby's gold medal goal!

  34. My favorite Olympic memory was the opening ceremonies in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics!

  35. Watching Nadia Comaneci stand out for me!

  36. when i was in grade school we watched some events during class. it was a real treat

  37. butterflyamyc says

    I like to see Canada win gold but I don't have a specific memory of the Olympics.

  38. Erinn Lishman says

    I clearly remember watching kd lang at the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver Olympics. Not sports related but I love her and it was awesome!

  39. anytime Canada wins a medal 🙂

  40. Would love to try the Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes

  41. When it was announced Calgary received the Games

  42. i would like to try the homemade chocolate chip cookies

  43. 1994 Olympics when I was in grade school… learning about the Olympics for the first time.
    My recent post Jell-O Cookies

  44. karinespace says

    Watching it with my family as a kid

  45. Canada winning a gold!

  46. Janie N @copperjane says

    My favorite Olympic memories. When Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal for the gold medal in hockey. During over time a few years ago. I always love the podium ceremonies when they get their flowers and metals. They must be so excited and over whelmed

  47. It ages me but I remember watching and being fascinated by Nancy Greene and her skiing ability.

  48. Angela Mitchell says

    My favourite memory was when Team Canada men's hockey won in 2002. I was watching on the big screens at GM Place in Vancouver and it was so much fun!

  49. Men's hockey winning gold in OT in Vancouver!
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  50. Elizabeth Nicholson says

    Heather Moase

  51. canada winning gold in hockey last time, we had a hockey party that year

  52. Susan Spidle says

    Nadia Comaneci – First Perfect Score | Montreal 1976 Olympics

  53. Carol Denny says

    Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver and Canada winning gold!

  54. Canada winning gold in hockey

  55. Lori Jackson says

    My boy Sydney Crosby being the star of Hockey in 2010!!

  56. sarah stickney says

    Canada winning gold in hockey

  57. Canada winning gold in hockey!

  58. Victoria Ess says

    Canada winning the gold in men's hockey.

  59. Easy, my favourite Olympic memory would be watching the 2002 Olympics to see my 2 favourite figure skaters, jame sale and david pelltier win gold, after some controversy.

  60. when alex bilodeau won his medal

  61. men's hockey gold medal game in Vancouver!

  62. I don't watch the games so there is no memory.

  63. The last game between USA and Canada for the gold in hockey at the Vancouver Winter Olympics! So exciting!

  64. Josie Fiorda says

    2010 the Canadian hockey teams winning gold

  65. kathy downey says

    Sidney Crosby when he scored gold for Canada in 2010 it was a awesome game

  66. kathy downey says

    Chocolate chip cookies

  67. laurbolduc says

    Watching Canada win any medals is my best part of the Olympics

  68. I <3 ALL Canada's Olympians !! The Winter Olympic's r my FAV sporting event EVER !! I am a proud Canadian and am SUPER proud of OUR TEAM !! GO CANADA GO !! "(Y)"

  69. My favorite Olympic memory is watching hockey with my sweet, quite aunt while she yelled at the TV. So fun.

  70. Robson Street Vancouver 2010

  71. My favorite was the 1988 Silver Medal won by Elizabeth Manley in women's figure skating

  72. The Vancouver Olympics and Canada winning gold again and again.

  73. I'm going to try the Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.

  74. My favourite memory was the '88 Olympics when Elizabeth Manley skated a near perfect performance to put her so close to the gold and securing a silver medal.

  75. I can distinctly remember the Calgary Olympics and making a scrapbook for a school project and how much I fell in love with watching along

  76. 2010 Olympics and Sidney Crosby scoring the Golden Goal. Go Team Canada!!

  77. Jennifer P. says

    Attending one of the hockey games at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

  78. My favourite Olympic memory was going down the Olympic Bobsled run in Lake Placid NY.

  79. Hamburger Stew

  80. Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting!

  81. The one that stands out for me is when Torvill and Dean won medals in 1984!

  82. Karin Dollery says

    After suffering a bad burn when I was 12 I spent the whole summer watching the Olympics from the couch in our summer trailer.

  83. julie bolduc says

    The mens hockey team winning in 2002!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Debbie Petch says

    Canadians showing how inclusive and friendly they are!

  85. I loved watching every medal win for Canadians at the last winter Olympics. Having it happen on Canadian soil made it so much more amazing than just a "regular" win – so much energy and pride!

  86. Has to be the double gold in hockey!

  87. Watching the hockey Games.
    Also, when we win the GOLD.
    great prize pack too.

  88. Canada winning gold!!!

  89. Jamie Bertrand says

    Canada winning the Gold in Mens hockey

  90. I don't have a favorite, just love watching our country winning any medals is just the best!

  91. Laura Kelly says

    Every Canadian gold medal win was special. Never felt so proud of my country or united with everyone wearing their red olympic mittens!

  92. Isabel Topps says

    Everything about the Vancouver Olympics! Loved how all Canadians there acted, the pride was fantastic and of course the Golden Goal was magical!

  93. Caralyn Rubli says

    Giving birth during the 2008 Olympics

  94. Canada's hockey team winning gold in Vancouver.

  95. Kristina Ziegler says

    Watching Canada win gold in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics! We had our sons 3rd birthday party the same day, it was a great celebration!

  96. laurie tilkin says

    my memory is of the luge guy winning in vancouver

  97. 1988 Olympics…I was just a little girl, but I remember all the excitment in my hometown!

  98. The opening ceremony in Vaancouver

  99. patricia george says

    Canada winning a gold is always exciting for me

  100. Ice skating

  101. Kelly Martel says

    When Joannie Rochette got a bronze medal. Her short program started two days after her mother's death.

  102. Virginia Reemeyer says

    Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver 2010!

  103. Patti Mitchell says

    My favourite Olympic moment was when Jamie Salé and David Pelletier were rightfully awarded the gold medal in Salt Lake City in 2002, after originally receiving second place due to a judging scandal.

  104. shauna wyspianski says

    I dont have a favorite part. I enjoy watching all the events and ceremonies. Anything with Canada!

  105. men's hockey team winning gold, what an amazing moment!

  106. Di Henderson says

    Hockey! 😀

  107. Tracy Saddul says

    Canada winning gold in hockey, but also just the whole celebration thru the Olympics and Paraylics in Vancouver

  108. Arnold Meetsma says

    Great contest

  109. Driving after Crosby's goal and everyone was honking their car horns!

  110. midgeknows says

    i love all opening ceremonies. No matter how confusing they may be!


  111. Canada winning the gold 🙂

  112. I love watching all Canadians in the Olympics. When they win any medal it's great, but when they beat their own personal best it's nice to see. When I got to carry the Olympic torch during the Vancouver Olympics was amazing.

  113. Canada winning gold in hockey!

  114. Holly Messana says

    I actually enjoyed the entire Vancouver winter Olympics, it was great to watch

  115. Jennifer L. says

    Watching any Canadian figure skaters is always a highlight for me.

  116. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in Vancouver!

  117. Canada winning Gold

  118. My favourite Olympic Memory is watching the girls win the medals in Moguls

  119. hockey 🙂

  120. Watching the 2010 hockey games

  121. THe hockey game in 2010 when Canada won the Gold!

  122. Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

  123. When sidney crosby won the gold for canada

  124. When both hockey teams took the gold!

  125. Watching the games with friends and family – thought i haven't been able to catch much of this years since they're on at a dreadful time.

  126. I loved when Cdn women hockey team beats US LOL So intense!

  127. Love watching the skating myself!

  128. Love the swag!

  129. Alex Bilodeau in his repeat gold!

  130. Sean Cuthill says

    Watching Gaetan Boucher win in Sarajevo

  131. Canada ice hockey team winning gold

  132. watching figure skating with my mom as a girl – Albertville, France?? I think

  133. janice pollard says

    I love watching the canadian women hockey teams. Their first two games were my fav…

  134. The gold is ours baby! GO CANADA GO!

  135. Patricia Boyle says

    My favorite Olympic memories were all the events when the games were held in Montreal.

  136. Dwayne Taylor says

    anyone or any team, i just love Canada

  137. Mine was the 2010 Olympics being in Vancouver.

  138. kristen johnson says

    canada teams winning

  139. This year, with all my coworkers sneaking into the breakroom that had the game on tv to cheer on the men's hockey team

  140. We enjoyed the ladies hockey game today against Switzerland..awesome !

  141. Kristi Renout says

    I recently read an article about a Canadian coach giving a ski to another country's skiier who broke his. That's a pretty good memory.

  142. finals of hockey at Vancouver 2010

  143. Canada winning gold in Vancouver, watching my favorite goalie, Luongo, in net!

  144. elaine bolduc says

    Canada winning hockey

  145. sarah windstein says


  146. Lori-AirbnbSuperhost says

    My top two favourite moments at 2010 Vancouver Olympics was KD Lang singing Halleluja at the Opening Ceremonies and Canada winning GOLD for Men's hockey!

  147. Teresa Claire says

    I love the figure skating but I can't remember a favourite memory.

  148. Christy Martin says

    I love everything Clara Hughes does and her personal history. But my favorite moment would be when she took gold in Turin in the 5000m. As well being the flag bearer for Vancouver 2010. She is amazing.

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