Fan Appreciation $40 Tim Card

Thank you for being YOU! For being such wonderful and supportive fans of Tales of a Ranting Ginger. I am excited to join in with some of my Canadian blogger friends to bring you a fun giveaway- $40 Tim Card for Canada (Tim Hortons) This is sponsored by us the bloggers

winter fun giveaway

If you are not already a fan of my co-hosts, be sure to check them out as well! 

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I bet with the winter chill still in the air this will be a great one to warm you all up 🙂 

Enter below for your chance to win (Canada) 
Thank you for being a fan! 


  1. Some excellent reviews and some real inspiration plus great giveaways thank you!

  2. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says

    I am a fan of all of these blogs because I love reading about the reviews and getting an honest opinion about what something is like. The giveaways are nice too! Thanks to all of you for your hard work 🙂

  3. I am new to following blogs such as these and am enjoying entering a whole new world!

  4. melia whyte says

    i just found you last night via the P&G twitter party 🙂 new fan!

  5. I am new here, but your site is very personable.

  6. Good luck all

  7. Jennifer L. says

    I like to read your reviews and enter your contests.

  8. I’m a fan because I’ve seen you at many twitter parties (and I’m a ginger 🙂 )

  9. Doreen Lamoureux says

    I am a fan for the following reasons —
    – you are Canadian
    – you review awesome products
    – you bring new products to my attention
    – you have awesome giveaways.

    Pretty awesome reasons – don't you think 🙂 🙂

  10. I love all the recipes and reviews and the giveaways are awesome too!

  11. I love reviews, giveaways…and best of all, you're Canadian! Thanks for all the things you all do! :o)

  12. I am here because I am impressed with the information you put out and your wonderful giveaways and because YES U R CANADIAN

  13. backhandedmama says

    I love the reviews and giveaways 🙂

  14. I am a fan because you are Canadian, great product reviews and fun contests!

  15. I too love your reviews & giveaway! I also love that you are a proud Canadian and a ginger like me!

  16. bina edwards says

    you say it the way you want (but are not crass)

  17. I am a fan of Canadian bloggers and Tales of a Ranting Ginger because it is fun, I learn about new products and recipes and, of course, I can win great giveaways! 😀


    After years of reading your emails and visiting your sitesI have gotten to know a little about each of you and much of what you post is things I can relate to or learn from. I dont comment often I am just not much for chatting lol but I read all the posts and as you all probably have gotten used to seeing my name on your giveaways you know I love those too, a nice perk to go along with the blogs

  19. I like your reviews and giveaways

  20. I love to hear all the tales of you, ranting ginger hah. I like everything, the recipes, reviews, and giveaways. Thanks for everything and keel up the awesome work!!!


  22. Matthew Tully says

    It’s always great to get different points of view fom other, share our thoughts, saving information. Giveaways are great and making new acquaintances.

  23. elle.dee.see says

    I'm a fan because you are CANADIAN!!

  24. sarah stickney says

    because the contests are great

  25. Canada Rocks and so do you and your contests

  26. I like reading your reviews. I tend to put a lot more faith in a small blogger's opinion than I would on a store website. I think a lot of those reviews are planted. Thanks for your hard work!

  27. Lindy Thompson says

    I am a fan because I love the Canada specific content! I love all the contests as well

  28. …I'm a fan because your site is fun and has lots of great information and contests…Thank you !!!

  29. Who isn't a fan of Canadian gingers who post giveaways!!

  30. Enjoy reading well written reviews from a fellow Canadian Mom ! Contests are appreciated as well.

  31. I am a fan because I enjoy reading posts when my kids go to sleep and I like learning about new products that are reviewed because I do not get out of the house much =)

  32. I'm a fan because I love your blog and entering your giveaways!

  33. Deb Dorrington says

    I am a fan because you are a Canadian blogger, love that your a Ginger and you have awesome reviews and giveaways!

  34. Great posts on this blog, you're a great blogger!

  35. For your Witty Blog and Great Contests!

  36. I like all of the product reviews and giveaways.

  37. I'm a fan because 1. you have great giveaways. 2. You're Canadian!! Yayyy!!! 3. Love your articles. and 4. I'm a ginger, too!! LOL. :o)

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