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Trade your gently used kid’s clothes for gift cards or Paypal cash!

Having children is not a cheap thing. They are constantly growing and their styles are always changing. Throw in sports and other activities and the cost is never ending when it comes to clothes. I find my kids all seem to go through a growth spurt at once and it is never when the seasons are changing. So I look for affordable clothes. I love shopping from the sale rack and have found some great deals. As my kids get older, brand names seem to be their preference. When we lived in the city I would also shop at second hand stores and consignment stores. Not so easy to do here. But online shopping is easy. 

This is where FlipSize fits in. 

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FlipSize is an online retailer where you can buy, sell and swap clothes for your children. Their clothes are like new and gently used. Some are new with tags if you are lucky. I recently ordered some clothes for my daughter for this post and was surprised at all the brand names and sizes available. 

Flip your kids clothes

You can request a bag from FlipSize to flip your kids clothes. They send the bag, you fill it and send it in. They even cover the shipping. Your clothes go up on the site to sell and you get points to cash out for gift cards or Paypal cash. Easy peasy!  They accept clothes size 12 months to size 12, boys and girls. They also accept and flip shoes and outer wear 🙂 

FlipSize is a Canadian online retail store that sells gently used kid’s clothes for 40-90% off retail values. Do you love shopping for used clothing, for economic and eco-friendly reasons, but hate the work of going store to store (or home to home) to find great kid’s clothes in excellent condition? Then FlipSize is right for you!

I am going to go through my daughter’s clothes and see what I can flip. 

The clothes I ordered arrived and I was so happy with what we got. All were like new condition. Colours bright, clean and fit perfect. I ordered five shirts at $3.99 each, a pair of pants at $3.50, PJ pants at $4.00 and a pull over shirt that was $3.99. Most everything was from Children’s Place or Old Navy, great quality. For me this is a great option. Shopping form home, delivered to my door and flipping my children’s clothes with no cost. I love this! 

Plus I can not believe how affordable it was to shop! 

flipsize clothes


Start flipping our items now and see how easy it is to do. Connect with FlipSize Canada on Facebook for up to date promotions and info

Giveaway time

1 lucky Canadian is going to win a $50 Gift certificate to FlipSize to do some shopping for themselves. Fill out the form below 


This post was made possible thanks to compensation provided by FlipSize Canada. All thoughts are my own.


  1. I sell them at a yard sale or give them away.
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  2. Miss R’s clothes go to the local women’s shelter when she outgrows them.

  3. I give them to our local food bank / salvation army or to my sister in law for her daughter

  4. They pay for the shipping and send you a bag

  5. I give them to a friend or the goodwill.

  6. lisa bolduc says

    give them away as hand me downs

  7. I always donate them to what ever charity calls me first

  8. We donate all of our old clothes

  9. I love how cheap everything is

  10. I sell most things at a local consignment store. The things which don’t sell go to a local church which has an area set up where parents can go and take whatever they need for free.

  11. I like how Flipsize gives you points for the items you send which you can turn into gift cards.

  12. Right now they are hand me downs for my second daughter. Once she is done with them, I will sell them at a consignment sale or give them away.

  13. I use this site all the time and love it! I’ve also sent in many bags!

  14. Pass them on to my sister’s kids.

  15. Dayna Wilson says

    I usually pass them down to a friend. We have many friends with children similar in age to our own, so we get our very own hand me down circle going on 🙂

  16. Most outgrown but not worn-out clothes are passed along to friends and family's kids. There are clothing bins in town for the leftover, unwanted items.

  17. Sell them on Facebook
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  18. I've tried to sell them but that can sure be challenging so I often end up donating them to charity..Flipsize seems like a great option!

  19. Juliee Fitze says

    pass them on to friends

  20. Darlene Schuller says

    We donate them to our local thrift store to sell.

  21. I usually give my kids clothes to a friend or I try to sell them at fair prices

  22. When my children’s clothes don’t fit anymore I hold on to them for my next son. When he grows out then I will either sell them or hold on to them for my little future nephews.

  23. andrea amy says

    my youngest 3 are 3, 5 and 6. by the time my youngest is done with them (and normally even before that) the clothing is ready for the garbage. IF after the 3 of them use it its good enough for others to wear, I usually donate it.

  24. I usually end up giving them away.

  25. theknitwitbyshair says

    I pass them thru all 3 and then dump them at goodwill!
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  26. Emily Linton says

    I put them into a bin organized by size so that any future kids can use them!

  27. wendy Hutton says

    usually see if a family member needs them or donate them to our local thrift store where its profits go to the hospital

  28. I have a nieces and nephews that we hand clothes down too in our family!

  29. I learned that flip size has a ***Our No Dud Standards***
    All items must be in New or Like-new condition to be accepted. Item with ANY signs of wear such as: stains, fading, tears, piling, missing buttons, broken zippers, pet hair, odors and so on, will NOT be accepted.

  30. I take my sons clothes and toys to a consignment store. The items which don't sell go to a local church.

  31. I really like how Flipsize will send you a bag for free and you earn points for gift cards!

  32. Lori Jackson says

    I have 2 nephews I split them up between the two.

  33. quebeccouponingchickies says

    pass them on to the next family member

  34. abedabun dawn says

    We give them to our neighbor. We also give them our adult clothing. I do not believe in throwing anything away that still has some good left. My mom use to say all the time, "Use it up, wear it out. make it do or do without".

  35. nicolthepickle says

    I share them with their cousins.

  36. nicolthepickle says

    They have all kids sizes, and free shipping over $60!

  37. I give them

  38. Monique L.S. says

    I have sold some clothing on Facebook mom-to-mom groups.

  39. karen petrychko says

    The used clothing usually ends up at the second hand store that is run by our Occupational Center. The workers there are handicappped and this helps support the not for profit business.

  40. I donate the clothes to one of the local churches. Volunteers from the church display and sell the clothing which goes toward the Bible Camp. The Bible Camp is subsidized. The hundreds of children that were never able to attend the Bible Camp can now go.

  41. I pass them down and then donate them.

  42. I pass on or sell…should start flipping them though 😉

  43. Michelle K says

    Usually give them away

  44. Holly Messana says

    First I hand them down to my youngest, when she grows out of them I try to find someone who can benefit from them. If not, then i send them to the Salvation Army or the Diabetes Association.

  45. Holly Messana says

    I think it is fantastic that they send you a bag to send your clothes in and they pay for the shipping!

  46. Dawn Rader says

    I usually donate them. Whether it be to the Canadian Diabetes Association or to a needy family…I like to see them get used again

  47. Dawn Rader says

    this site is quite neat! love the fact that you can request a bag and send in clothes!

  48. Brenda Doub says

    I usually give them to my neighbours, or donate them to a local charity organization.

  49. sridharan kumaravelu says

    I give my child cloths to my friends and relatives children

  50. Jennifer P. says

    My older daughter's clothes get put into storage to pass on to her little sister, and when my little one outgrows them I normally sell them on craigslist.

  51. Pass them on to friends with kids.

  52. I donate my childrens clothing to the local thrift store. The money they receive goes to helping the handicapped people in my town.

  53. I will sharing this link to my friends

  54. butterflyamyc says

    I have a garage sale. I sell some and give some away to family.

  55. julie bolduc says

    I give them to my niece

  56. I sell them online

  57. kathy downey says

    every year i make a blanket from the clothes she out grows

  58. kathy downey says

    Free shipping on all orders over $60.

  59. laurbolduc says

    I usually donate them, or if it is a few items I leave them in the laundry hall for people to take if needed.

  60. I donate the clothes that my kids have outgrown to a charity.

  61. Journeysof TheZoo says

    I donate all our used clothes to our local foodbank and thrift shop.

    Besos, Sarah

    My recent post WIN at the Weekly #Giveaway Linky, WW, 02/11

  62. donate them

  63. I already send my clothes to flipsize, I love them!

  64. I like the Green 'Smile' Top Size 4 in the girl section – what a great price! My daughter just grows and grows (I guess that's expected)!

  65. I usually just give them away

  66. Babies are the cutest thing on earth. Their continuous growth requires that special care is given to their dressing.
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  67. I've been sending them to Flipsize or giving them to Goodwill.

  68. Darlene Wissenz says

    Awesome idea

  69. Take them to a local consignment store

  70. they send you a bag! I usually pass mine to friends with kids

  71. When my oldest outgrows his clothes, they get passed down to his little brother (if they're still good) His little brother's stuff was getting donated, if it was still decent, but now they have a baby brother coming so we'll be keeping all their stuff to pass onto him!

  72. jane kramer says

    I usually send them to value village

  73. Jennifer L. says

    I donate them to charity.

  74. I like that you can spend your points on a variety of ways.

  75. I save them for the next child. When we are done having children, we will give them away.

  76. I usally donate them to the thrift store.

  77. Christy Martin says

    We usually donate them to a local outreach type service. Adult and kids, if they are in good condition. Other things, generally go to Goodwill.

  78. We send hem to kids down the street from us.

  79. Tara Gauthier says

    I sell them on sale groups on Facebook or kids clothing sales, unless they were given to us then I pass them onto others or charity based thrift shops

  80. My daughter needs a new swimsuit, and the blue Gap 2T one would work well!

  81. When my children out grow their clothes, I passed them onto other Moms for their children or donated them the SPCA to Salvation Army or Value Village. The really stained raggedy play clothes I would cut them for rags to use around the house or give to my husband for him to wash n wax the car…:-) Tried never to let anything go to waste…..

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