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They say redheads are a minority and we are going extinct, I am not sure though. You may have noticed I have been highlighting some of my fellow Gingers online. We have many stereotypes that come along with being a redhead and it is fun to see who fits what. Some are true, some not. Some are just laughable when you think about it.  I have had a great response from other redheads so we are posting two this month.
If you are a redhead and would like to be featured (and have a blog) please email me at gingermommyrants@gmail.com 
This month we introduce you to Catherine, Always a Redhead
always a redhead

Describe your red hair colour

When I was younger, my hair was a true reddish brown, now it is reddish brown with highlights (I’m trying to hide the grey because I am in denial that I am losing my red hair).

Tell us a Redheaded stereotype you fit

Hot-tempered and loyal. If I am playing a friendly game of monopoly with my husband and kids, I am apparently evil.

Who is your favourite famous redhead dead or alive?

My favourite redhead would be Christina Hendricks from Madmen. She not only made it okay to be a redhead on a television show, but to be curvy and sexy at the same time.

Are there any redheads in your family?

My father had red hair, and my younger sister has a different shade of red than I. Sadly not one of my three children are redheads.

Does the word GINGER offend you?


What colour do you love to wear with your hair and which do you not?

I love to wear black, but my husband likes when I wear green, it apparently brings out my eyes and accentuates my red hair. I think I have one green turtleneck.

Tan, freckle or burn?

Freckles and by the end of the summer the freckles make for one lovely tan.

Where do you blog/Tweet and occupy the web?

I blog at www.alwaysaredhead.com, Twitter @AlwaysARedhead Facebook www.facebook.com/alwaysaredhead Pinterest www.pinterest.com/AlwaysARedhead5

Watch here next week for another redhead to be featured. 


  1. Nice to meet you Catherine! LOVE the hair and love that you say you have the hot-tempered and loyal stereotypes of a redhead…hehe 🙂
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  2. My husband was a redhead when he was a kid – my oldest daughter is the closest I have to having a redhead. Unfortunately, she hates the strawberry blonde colour she was blessed with and either bleaches it blonde or goes to a brown. I hope she outgrows it eventually and embraces her hair colour.

    Great to get to know other redheads with this feature.
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  3. Fun! Buy some more green!!!

  4. Beautiful hair!

    My daughter is a red head which was quite a shock to us – it turns out my great grandfather was a redhead and my husband's grandfather! She so has the fiery temper to go with it.

    Here in Australia, redheads can get a lot of grief – they are called "rangas", short for orangutan 🙁 I hope my daughter is not bothered by all that as she gets older. We all get a bit bothered by the incredible amount of attention she gets when we travel. In the Philippines, we couldnt stop moving for a moment in some places as we would get such a massive crowd encircling us – it was crazy!

  5. fynesdesigns says

    This is a fantastic feature! I love being a redhead!

  6. lyndac1968 says

    both my girls are redhead and my youngest even has all the freckles to go with her red hair and yes she hates being called a ginger too

  7. nenasinclair says

    I'm also a redhead and love it! I definitely have the freckles in the summer time! 🙂

  8. kathy downey says

    I love red hair

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