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Being a mom I have lots of mom guilt. A few things I always question myself about are; Am I feeding my family foods that are healthy for them? Are they getting the vitamins and nutrients they should be? Are they getting too many things in their day to day life they should not be?  And the biggest one I stress about is their veggie intake. Seriously! If my kids see green on their plate, they run! So over time I have gotten creative with adding vegetables to their diets. I have slow cooked them until they disappeared, added soups with vegetables to sauces and blended in with smoothies. I have even baked vegetables into muffins before 🙂  I am excited to tell you this task has now gotten easier. 

I was recently asked to become an ambassador for Orange Naturals. I accepted and am so glad I did. I have been enjoying their ND Shakes every day. ND Shakes are the first line of nutrient-dense shakes custom made for each member of your family. Each pouch is formulated to meet the daily requirements of each member of the family, teens, children, women and men. I have been mixing with milk and adding to smoothies and shakes. They are available in vanilla and chocolate, chocolate is my fave! 

Chocolate Berry smoothie

Add two scoops of ND Shake chocolate powder to 1 cup of milk and half cup of mixed frozen berries. Blend on high for 30 seconds. POur and drink. 

The smoothies was thick and tasty! You can really taste the chocolate in the smoothie. I have been trying to have one for breakfast. The ND Shake is not a meal supplement. It is to be added to your daily diet for additional nutrients. Since ND Shakes contain multivitamin blends using the most biologically active forms they support optimal health. I have been adding it to the kids smoothies as well. Added greens without them knowing plus they contain no dairy, soy, gluten, eggs and are nut free.

Where to buy

You can buy Orange Naturals online at 
Looking to buy at a store near you check out their store locator here
I received a few other products I have yet to try. Everything I need to keep my youngest healthy and help her when she is sick. Digestion + Appetite for kids (Stimulates appetite & relives mild digestive upset) Cough & Cold for kids (relieves coughs, fights colds) and Calm for kids (relieves restlessness and nervousness) My little one has not been sick since these arrived *knock on wood* But I am happy to have them on-hand if and when needed.  For day to day use on top of the ND Shakes for the entire family, I received Probiotic Powder that is good for toddlers to teens. This temporarily modifies intestinal flora (the symbiotic bacteria occurring naturally in the intestine).

Orange Naturals makes professional, naturopathic health products that are convenient to use and easy to understand.

Designed by licensed, Canadian naturopathic doctors, Orange Naturals combines the core components of natural medicine into a line of professional-grade yet family-friendly naturopathic products. Bring natural medicine home.

It is important to me that I do what I can for my children to keep them happy and healthy. The best possible way is always the natural way. I am happy to be an Orange Naturals ambassador. I look forward to sharing with you more of their fabulous products over the next few months. 

For more information on Orange Naturals check them out online , on Facebook and Twitter


Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. I think we all worry about whats best for our families, I'm happy to have Orange Naturals there to help make that easier too for sure! I have fallen for the ND Shakes! Part of my mornings now and great for the kids (they like it as a chocolate, banana/berry shake) or in hot chocolate. I have yet to try baking with it but I have seen some yummy recipes online I'd love to try!

  2. Just had a look at their line and that have a HUGE selection.. Nice to know there is another line out there focusing on naturopathic cold and cough remedies for children. When I can't find one I'll know where I can find another.

  3. I'm always worried about what I'm feeding my son. He's so picky and I'm always concerned that he isn't getting the nutrition he needs. Have you tried making pancakes with them yet? I bet the chocolate would be great.
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  4. I just recently found out about Orange Naturals and have looked at to see what is available. I am always so careful choosing products with my IBD, but think these products would work just fine for me.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  5. I have the same worries as you! It is so hard to be a mom sometimes. Well, OK, all the time. These products sound great. I have been checking them out and may just have to invest in a few for our family.
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  6. This looks delicious! Love the idea of being able to make a quick nutritious shake so easily. Can't wait to read about Orange Naturals other products!
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  7. I get mom guilt all the time — but yes, these are definitely helpful. Love berries in my smoothies!

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  8. kathleen kennedyleon says

    my son just had a well care appt yesterday and I'm on the hunt for good tasting good for him foods–so I will be checking this out-thanks for sharing

  9. I have mom guilt as well so I can empathize with you . Thanks for these awesome tips.

  10. prettyopinionated says

    I love anything orange, so I'll have to try this out! I am a huge fan of smoothies. They're easy to make and keep me going all morning.

  11. That choc berry smoothie sounds so good!!

  12. hmrcarlson says

    My little guys are such picky eaters but I think they would enjoy smoothies made with Orange Naturals.

  13. I've never heard of orange naturals, but they sound great! Especilly for picky eaters out there.

  14. Mom Guilt central over here! I just checked out the site and they have a ton of items! I have never heard of orange naturals but will surely be looking more into them! Thanks
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  15. Melissa Smith says

    The shakes sound awesome! I love how they have them for womens sports & kids too!

  16. That smoothie sounds like a future favorite!!!!

  17. Sounds like a great product. It's a major plus when it tastes good too.

  18. brettbmartin says

    those look yummy! i would like to try these!
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  19. I have a smoothie every day. I've never had one with berry and chocolate flavor and can't wait to try this. It sounds soooooo good!

  20. I have never found a shake that I can tolerate for very long and am hoping we will find one someday that everyone enjoys. Will have to give this one a shot!
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  21. I'll have to look further into this, my youngest avoids eating meat at all cost and therefore he doesn't get all the protein he needs every day. Thanks for sharing these shakes with us 🙂

  22. I love nutritious shakes and these look amazing!
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  23. I have never tried this brand before, but these smoothies seem like a great way to start the day.
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  24. I'll have to look into these. I'm always looking for ways to help me get nutrition into my children.

  25. My boys love smoothies. It's the only way I can sneak in those extras, like spinach or make it a protein shake in disguise.
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  26. I have started making protein smoothies in the mornings for my family. THey enjoy them and I like how quick and easy they are to make.

  27. Chocolate berry sounds good to me. I really like smoothies!

  28. Mom guilt never fails!
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  29. My daughter is crazy picky and I worry about the same things. We'll have to give this is a shot and see if I can start to get better food in her. It's been a real uphill battle for us.
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  30. This sounds worth trying out, especially the chocolate flavor you mentioned. I like natural products.
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  31. Ooh they sound really good. I drink a protein shake every single morning. I really like your fun glasses, too. 😉
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  32. I love smoothies! A chocolate one would be awesome!
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  33. As a mom that's one of my biggest worries… am I doing everything I possibly can for my family. It's a hard question to answer. These smoothies sounds so good!

  34. I am going to check into them as I have never heard of them before and I love natural products.
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