Kiss a Ginger Day January 12th

January is Kiss a Ginger Day 


Well some dummies thought it would be funny to create Kick a Ginger day a few years back and this is our way or making a positive out of a negative.  At the time my children were too young to know anything about kick a ginger day, or so I thought. Then one morning I woke to a phone call from the school principal. He suggested I keep my oldest son home form school that day. He had gotten word that the redheads in the school were going to be bullied. Since my sons hair is strawberry blonde they suggested he stay home. I gave him the option and to avoid headaches, he stayed home. A few weeks later he was walking down the hall and a kid said “A Ginger, kick him!” One of the teachers overheard and the 0 tolerancy policy kicked in. The other student was sent home for the day.  This may seem silly to you. Thinking once is being bullied because of their hair colour. However redheads have been dealing with this forever.

This is why I make such a big deal about being a redhead. I want other redheads to hold their heads up high and have the self esteem many of us did not have until later on in life.  

So this Sunday please join me and embrace the redheads in your world. Show them some extra love and Kiss a Ginger 🙂 



  1. I remember numerous times being bullied as a child (I'm 52 now) for the simple reason I had red hair.

  2. I only got the "do the curtains match the carpet" line about 50 million times once I hit puberty but not much bullying otherwise.

  3. bina edwards says

    my sons a redhead and so is his auntie – not sure if they ever got bullied over it though

  4. I love red hair and I am a blonde!!

  5. I love hearing stories of positivity emerging from negativity!

  6. kathy downey says

    I love red hair and i think people with red hair are special,few and far between they are,my brother-in-law was a red head..amazing man

  7. Elva Roberts says

    Kissing a Ginger sounds like a good idea. I am appalled at the amount of bullying going on in schools. I taught many years and we didn't allow it al all.

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