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A Canadian based company called LittleEcoFootprint has a bimonthly gift box service available for just $36 + $8.95 shipping to both Canada and the US, and contains an amazing selection of eco friendly products for you and your little one (up to 3 years) to try.  The Little Eco Footprint website also offers great products for sale from some of the amazing brands that are included in the boxes, with Melissa & Doug toys being a particularly popular one.

LittleEcoFootprint is an exciting way to shop for your little one! We strive to enrich children’s lives by providing safe and educational products that support healthy growth, and inspire thinking, learning, and creativity

I received their December Holiday box, and was absolutely amazed by the generous amount of gorgeous products inside.   My 2 year old was instantly drawn to all of the items in the box, and I knew right away that it was going to be a great hit with both him and me.


The first item that he saw and had to play with immediately was the Melissa & Doug Garbage Truck.  This exquisitely made durable wooden truck has three pieces that can be manipulated easily with little toddler hands, and my little guy was soon happily pushing his new little truck around the room, picking up the “garbage” and hauling it into the truck.  It is amazing how such a simple, uncomplicated wooden toy can bring so much joy to a little one’s life.  The Melissa & Doug Garbage Truck typically retails for $18.95.

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Then, my little explorer was back to the box to see what other goodies were inside.  Again, it was a Melissa & Doug toy, the Alphabet Sorting Blocks, that garnered an excited  “Mom, can I open?” response.  This time, even his 5 year old big older brother had to get in on the action, and soon the two of them were enthusiastically stacking the brightly coloured cardboard blocks together.  Of course while this was going on, I was trying to emphasize the fact that there were letters of the alphabet on the blocks, but really all they wanted to do was built the tower as fast as possible so that they could knock it over again and again.  Oh well, I’m sure that they will soon figure out that the blocks stack together in alphabetical order sooner or later.  In the meantime, this is another fun, simple toy that will provide hours of fun.  The Melissa & Doug Alphabet Sorting Blocks retail for $14.95.


Another cute item in the box was a sweet little finger puppet book called Little Snowman, published by Chronicle Books.   This charming little board book has a permanently attached little soft puppet snowman who pops out into the centre of all of the pages in the book.  I had fun reading this whimsical little story of the melting snowman, while making the snowman interact with my amused little boy.  He quickly wanted to make the snowman move around for himself, and was soon flipping the pages around his own finger operated snowman.  The Little Snowman board book retails for $7.95.

Also included in the box, were two adorable little Bathtub Pals from BeginAgain Toys.  These splashy sea creatures are made from natural rubber, and are just the right size for a baby’s or toddler’s hands to grip onto whether they are in the bath or pool.  My 2 year old was certainly intrigued by them, and announced that they would be taking a bath with him soon.  This pair of Bathtub Pals commonly retails for $5.00.

Last, but not least, the last item to be pulled out of the box was a cute quality crafted Little Boy’s Bow Tie from MillionAyres.  This company from the US, creates unbelievably charming little toddler accessories such as headbands, and bows for your little princess, or bow ties for your little man.  I definitely see a future photo opportunity in the works for my little guy and his new bow tie.  The MillionAyres Little Boy’s Bow Tie retails for $16.95.


So, I would have to say that I was definitely “over the moon”  with this amazing selection of great kids products, and was also astounded by their overall retail value of almost $64.00!   Also, judging by my son’s reaction to all of the products, I am confident that we will get much use out of all them over the next few years.  Little Eco Footprint is currently taking orders for their February 2014 box, and at last check, only had 20 left in stock, so you might want to order one quickly, not to be disappointed, if this baby box subscription appeals to you.

Use Coupon Code: gingermommy when placing your first order and recieve 10% off. They now ship to Canada and USA

LittleEcoFootprint launched in early 2013 offering mom’s an exciting way to discover the best products for their children, through their special delivery program. In their deliveries they ship to your doorstep a box filled with the highest-quality products that come recommended by moms, for only $36 every two months plus $8.95 shipping. This would be a fabulous shower gift  for new moms as well as any mom or child.

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LittleEcoFootprint special deliveries are designed for mom’s with children from newborn up to age three. Our deliveries allow you to discover amazing mom-tested brands that have been hand-selected for your child’s age and stage and delivered to your doorstep every other month.

Special Delivery Gifts are one-time purchases and do not automatically renew. Gifts will not ship until our next shipment date.

Check out LittleEcoFootprint and start your subscription to fun!

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  1. I've heard of this company before! So cool to see a sample box! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice weekend.
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  2. shannonsview1 says

    What a great idea for a gift. My kiddos love getting mail so that would add to the excitement.

  3. wow, this really is a great selection! I'm impressed!
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  4. I love these boxes…they're such a great idea! Would make a great gift to give someone who's expecting or has a young baby. They have such wonderful products included in their subscription boxes!

  5. multitestingmommy says

    Cute items in the box for sure 🙂
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  6. canadianbloghouse says

    What a neat idea! I like the look of the quality items that are included (esp Melissa & Doug). Love the stacking boxes!

  7. Why didn't they have this stuff when our older kids were young, would have been so great! What a great gift for a baby shower, birthdays and for grandparents not sure what to buy. Super cool Kim! 🙂
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  8. This is cool – a combination of both children's toys and eco-friendly products merged into one subscription. Should do well!

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