Pick Them Back Up, Celebrating the Moms behind Olympic athletes #ThankYouMomCA !

The Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games are now less than one month away. As the Proud Sponsor of Moms, P&G is excited to celebrate the final countdown with the release of the short film, Pick Them Back Up celebrating moms’ encouragement of their young athletes.  The film is a sequel to the award winning Best Job film which debuted during the London 2012 Olympic Games and received over 21 million views!

P&G knows champions aren’t born, they’re raised, and the path to becoming a champion isn’t always easy. It can be filled with bumps along the way, falls, injuries, losses and all kinds of new challenges to overcome. As a mom, I know facing these challenges head on is the secret to helping our children become champions.

To moms everywhere, for all your efforts in supporting your children to realize their dreams, and encouraging a #NoQuit attitude, P&G wants to say #ThankYouMomCA!

“For teaching us that falling only makes us stronger” 

I am sitting here wiping the tears after watching this video. I am a mom to an athlete, a competitive athlete and this is really close to my heart. We celebrate with our children and cry with them too. You do not need to be a parent of an athlete to get the message of this video. Picking them back up can apply to a test, a play a friendship. Winning, and losing and falling down is a part of life. Part of growing up. 

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What did you think of the video? Do you have an athlete in your family? How do you pick them back up?




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  1. Wah. Wiping tears off my face. Sweet video. Damn near perfect. I am an athlete's mom. Actually I have 2 athletes. One is killer resilient and one not so much. It takes a lot of scaffolding and support to get kids to where they need to be to stand on their own and excel. Love this video. PG does these well. I don't know who their PR person is organizing and executing this type of video but they have it going on. A +.
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  2. What an awesome video!! It's so important for athletes to have the support of their family, and that can be the WORLD of difference 🙂 It's so important to support each other in all areas of life, and I love how that video captures all the emotions 🙂

  3. Yes! I saw this video earlier and my son was like "why are you crying mom?". It's beautiful.
    No athletes yet. 🙂

  4. my boys had their first skating lessons on sunday, it was brutal! they spent most of the time with their butts on the ice and as a mom it was sooo hard to see them fall again and again. I was so proud of them for getting up to keep on trying, I would have given up long before. On Monday, I caught this video in my fb stream and it made me bawl!
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  5. That one got to me Kim!

  6. What a great video! My eldest plays soccer. 🙂 I saw this video floating around on FB, it made me get all choked up. Beautiful!

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