Shopping for a new Truck

On my recent trip to Detroit I had the opportunity to see a lot of vehicles. Classic cars and new cars, off road trucks and every day use trucks. A little bit of everything for everyone. The North American International auto show had every car and truck company in existence there. I went through them all in detail and looked each over front to back, in and out. As much as I like the sporty looking cars, I kept going back to the trucks. I have always thought of myself as a truck gal and prefer driving a truck whenever possible. This truck from GMC was one of my faves at the auto show. A luxury truck with all the comforts one could ever need. 

For me, sitting up high in a truck is an advantage on the country roads. I can see far ahead and feel a lot safer. Especially with all the wildlife in my area. You never know what you may find on the roads living in the country. As luxurious as the truck is, it still can perform the duties of a truck. We often need to get rid of garbage, pick up wood or furniture and a truck is needed. The full back seat is extremely appealing but may not have enough room for my large family. This may be better off as a second vehicle, if I can afford the price tag 🙂 None the less a girl can dream, right?

Trucks have really come a long way over the years. They are heavy duty and look good. They are also getting better on gas as the technology improves. 


Our son is going to be driving age soon. He too has said he wants a truck. We will be a total truck family before we know it. Now to just find the right one for us. 

What do you prefer, a truck or car?


  1. I live in the city (well — London, not a huge city but)… and prefer a car with a trunk. I like being able to buy things and store them without others being able to see it. I enjoy the fuel economy too. That being said, my husband would love one… but for the time being it's a mini van for him.

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