A Theme Park Holiday

Bambi, Snow White, Mickey Mouse. To many, the mere mention of these sends waves of nostalgia through them, a brief glimpse into their past. It’s no wonder that Disney has remained popular to this day, but competitors are arising.

Here are some of the biggest threats to the power of Disney holidays, and why the formative family theme park can still shake off the rivals.


Six Flags in America, Asterix world in Paris, Thorpe Park in London. These are just a few of the rivals to Disney. They are each special in their own right, with their own quirks and rides. For instance, Six Flags has Superman: Ultimate Flight, where you’re propelled, face-first, over 3000 feet of track at over 60 miles an hour. In Asterix, there’s a wide selection of roller coasters and Roman-themed attractions. As hard as they try though, these parks still lag considerably behind Disney, and the reason why is quite simple.

Why Disney

A Disney holiday gives visitors one thing that all the other parks don’t offer to the same degree: an emotional attachment. A trip the parks isn’t just for the rides, it’s a chance for adults to be transported back to their childhood. It’s a chance for the kids to be a part of their favorite movie. It’s not so much a holiday as it is an experience. It’s no wonder it’s called, “The happiest place on Earth”. Going to any Disney theme park is like going to McDonalds, you know what you are getting. There is no risk of attractions being run down, or the atmosphere being too dark.

Disney has established their brand and quality of service, and they adhere to that. The fact that they have so many family friendly amenities goes a long way as well. For instance, no matter which park in the world you go to, they will have multilingual options available when looking for a ride or food. The customer rules at a Disney park, which is why Disney is, and still will be king after all these years.



  1. LOVE disney! We are not big ride people, and we still have an amazing time when we go!
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  2. bina edwards says

    I never could afford to take the kids to disney although I've been to both parks with my sister and my husband … I think its not the happiest place on earth as they describe because there is a lot of stress on the parents to make the best of the holiday in a short amount of time ..waiting in lines, sometimes the heat is more then you expect if you are not used to that, as well as smaller children being tired , and of course the cost.

    • I agree holidays can be stressful. I have a large family so when we travel we try not to stress, just enjoy everything around us. Plus bringing snacks and driving makes it more affordable for us.

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