Water baby heaven: Beach holiday Destinations for the Family

When you’re looking for a great holiday destination that all the family can enjoy, beach holidays are the ideal choice. Adults can sun themselves and catch up on some reading, whereas children will enjoy exploring the beach, building sandcastles, searching for shells and playing in the waves. If you’re going to go to a seaside destination, do it right by visiting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

beach sunset

Lahaina, Hawaii

The town of Lahaina in Hawaii is known as the jewel in Maui’s crown. Along with its beautiful beaches – perhaps the most stunning of which is Ka’anapali Beach – it has a remarkable historic district which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Kids will love to go to a beachfront luau or take in a whale-watching tour.

Marsa Alam, Egypt

If you and your family are keen on the idea of snorkelling or diving, Marsa Alam in Egypt might be just the place for you. You’ll spot all kinds of wonderful sea life, including coral reefs and sea turtles. The beaches are quiet and the waters are calm and clear.

There are plenty of potential excursions for your family to take in and around the area, including nearby national parks where you can go wildlife watching. With lots of cheap deals available on last minute holidays to Egypt, your family trip will be that bit more affordable to boot.

bright beach

Exmouth, Australia

A small town in Australia, Exmouth is ideal for families who want to get away from it all. While the area’s not too ostentatious, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy, including the Jurabi Turtle Center, which is a must-see for wildlife lovers, as well as the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse and various guided walks and boat tours. Turquoise Bay is one of the region’s highlights, with its pure white sands and crystal-clear water. The water remains shallow for quite a long way out, making it perfect for kids to safely splash around in.

Lampedusa, Sicily

The small, sleepy island of Lampedusa is part of the Pelagian archipelago just off Sicily. Due to its southerly location, its unique wildlife and vegetation is not unlike that found in North Africa. Kids will love playing on its sheltered sandy coves such as the sweetly-named Rabbit Beach, but there’s more to do for those who like to stay active. It’s the ideal location for diving or snorkelling due to its rich marine life, or you could take a boat trip to circumnavigate the island.

So whether it’s the Coral Coast of Australia or the underwater charms of Egypt’s Red Sea, there’s no shortage of beach vacation ideas for this summer. Just remember to bring the sun block!

Images by Angelo DeSantis and Robert Young used under creative commons license.

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