This Valentine’s Day, show your cat some love with ARM & HAMMER™

I am not a cat owner but have been in the past. Now we just help out our local shelter and feed the odd stray on our street. I know many of you love cats and have them in your lives so I wanted to share this with you all . 


Not everyone gets it, but ARM & HAMMER™ does. Cats are the best! If we could rave about their adorable faces and hilarious antics all day (and find someone to listen), we would! From making us laugh when we’re sad to napping along with us when we’re sick – our feline friends are there through it all. This Valentine’s Day, show your cat you care by showing them some love. Cats certainly don’t always think like their human companions, but there are some specific things that you can do that will make sure that your cat feels the love:

  • Love your cat with attention – life is busy these days, and bonding can take many forms, but nothing says “love” like spending time with them.
  • You may not realize it, but litter boxes play a big role in your cat’s happiness and comfort level. Make sure that you have at least one litter box per cat, preferably uncovered and that they are easily accessible. To keep your cat happy, clean the box often and use an odour neutralizing product like Arm & Hammer™  Clump and Seal™ Complete Odour Sealing Clumping Litter. This revolutionary new cat Litter first seals, and then destroys odours for a 7- day odour free home, guaranteed!  Just remember to remove clumps & solid waste daily to keep the rest of the litter box fresh.
  • Play – Sometimes it can seem like all they do is sleep, but cats get bored too. Give your cat something to do by making sure their environment is stimulating and engaging them in active play with toys. Sometimes, love can be found on the end of a string attached to a stick.
  • Treats – once considered the sole domain of canines, cats love a tasty nibble. Some pet parents even bake their own – extra love points if they are heart-shaped! Just make sure not to overindulge your kitty’s appetite.

Once you have given your cat some love, how about spreading it around? Share photos of your cat love this February, and Mittens just might brighten someone else’s day too!  Friends like this don’t come around every day, so this Valentine’s Day, make it count and show your cat some love!


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  1. We are waiting to use up our current cat litter (well not us haha) but when the cats have used it all up we've already planned on getting this!


  2. I am keen to try this litter as I am not really satisfied with our current kind.

  3. nenasinclair says

    I'll have to give this litter a try. I've recently added a second cat to our home, and our old cat litter brand just doesn't cut it with 2 cats!

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