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We have had a lot of snow days this winter. Buses canceled and plain old boring days. Days we were not able to plan ahead for things to do with the kids. Little one loves books and loves stickers, so sticker books are a big hit with her. Recently DK Canada sent me a variety and she squealed when she saw them. They arrived on a snow day too 🙂 



DK’s bestselling sticker books offer thousands of exciting ways to enjoy your favorite movies and characters – and even learn a thing or two!

Whether you love Star Wars, Harry Potter or superheroes, each of our Ultimate Sticker Collections features over 1000 reusuable stickers that make it easy to create new adventures for your favourites. Filled with eye-popping artwork and graphics, DK sticker books are second to none!

We chose a selection of Disney books and one to help little one with her reading.

sticker book 2


The stickers are easy for little hands to peal off. Brightly coloured displaying children’s favourite characters. The books range in price from $6.99 to $14.99. Lots of fun for those boring days, car rides or just for fun.

sticker book


For a limited time DK Canada is offering this selection of DK sticker books 3 for the price of 2! So add 3 ( or more ) sticker books to your shopping cart, and the least expensive one is free! 

Little one loves Disney movies and when she saw the books had her favourite characters, she was thrilled. Peal the stickers and match them up throughout the book. Read the story and easy to read descriptive words.  There is such a great selection. I bet your child will find a few they love as well. Check it out! 

DK Canada is online, On Twitter and Facebook. Connect with them today for deals info and more. 

Which sticker book would you pick?

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