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I overheard a conversation yesterday while I was waiting inline at the Bargain Shop to pay for my items. The conversation was between the cashier and two elderly customers. I wanted to share here with you, as it gave me a bit of a chuckle. I often wonder if the cashiers feel like broken records saying the same thing over and over all day long to their customers. Things you know they must say. Like up-selling or mentioning the sale item or the following.

Here is the conversation

The first lady placed her items on the counter, paid and thanks the employee. 

The cashier then said while circling a spot on the receipt. “Go online and fill out this customer survey for your chance to win

The elderly lady replied with “Online?

The cashier “Yes, online, on the computer

Lady “Oh, I do not have one of those. What do I need one of those for? I play cards” 

The look on her face was funny , like she was truly confused and the cashier smiled and she left. 

The next elderly lady , and when I say elderly I am saying 75-80 years old. She walked up and the conversation pretty much went the same way. She added “You always say this to me and I never really know what you mean” 

I realize that generation is not as into the online world as many but I know many seniors are. My daughter worked in a nursing home and they had computer screens for the residents that were larger. Many loved the fact they could stay connected to family and friends online. To them it was not a scary thing or a odd concept. 

When it came my turn to pay, the cashier saw the smile on my face. She said “You have a computer and are online, right?” I chuckled and said “Yes, actually I could not imagine not being online” Then she commented about the young kids and how they all know everything about computers and technology. I have to agree….

My 5 year old knows the iPad like she is an expert and my 13 year old helps me figure out all my gadgets. 

So tell me, who is not into the “online” world in your life? My mom and dad are not and they do not even own a cell phone 🙂 



  1. Both of my girls are little experts at finding Wi-Fi. One of my best friends is NOT an online person at all, not even facebook!

    Surprisingly my Dad is pretty up to date on all the latest gadgets.
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  2. Both my parents will be 75 this spring and have had a shared cell phone for years. They like it for the safety when travelling. They also have had a computer as long as I can remember. True its mostly used for email and reference info, and they have a fear of Facebook – but they are at least 'connected'.
    They bought the family a Commodore 64 computer back in the 80's, we had Atari and Sega, a VCR before the neighbours etc. But I still felt deprived to never had a 'Discman' lol! Never really thought before how much of a role my parents played in my technology education…

  3. My Nan is NOT online nor does she own a cell phone. She like the lady you wrote about says what do I need one of those for?…I respond to read things and keep in touch with people Nanna. Her response: if I need to read I pick up a book… Do you know what that is anymore? If I need to keep in touch I pick up the phone or a pen and write!

  4. haha that's such a cute story~! Everyone, including my 90+ year old grand ma is online in my family!

  5. thriftymommagogo says

    LOL. I can totally picture that entire convo.
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