Enter LowestRates.ca’s #MyKindaGames Contest and Win Some Gold of Your Own (Contest Alert)

I am so excited to tell you all about a contest going on. As you may have noticed, I am pretty excited about the Olympics this year.

Are you ready for the Winter Games?  LowestRates.ca is celebrating this year’s Games with their #MyKindaGames Contest!

Entering the #MyKindaGames Contest is easy – each day throughout the SOCHI 2014 Winter Games,  log on to the contest webpage, and make your best guesses on which medals Team Canada will win during the next day’s events. Whoever ends the Winter Games with the highest number of correct medal guesses wins!

For every medal Team Canada takes home, there will be $20 added to the prize pool. The winner of the contest will receive their prize in cash at the end of the Winter Games. Based on the fantastic potential of our 2014 Canadian team, we would not be surprised if the prize pool goes well over $600!

In order to see where you stack up versus the competition, you will be able to view a leaderboard that is updated each day at 10:00am EST throughout the Games on the contest webpage. To enter, you should head to the contest webpage starting Friday, February 7th




For each event, contestants will be awarded points for each correct guess:

• If you guess 0 medals and Canada does not win a medal, you get 1 point

• If you guess 1 medal and Canada wins that medal, you get 1 point

• If you guess 2 medals and Canada wins those two medals, you get 2 points

• If you guess 3 medals and Canada wins all three medals, you get 3 points

NOTE– You can change your picks as many times as you like up until 24 hours prior to the start of an event.

This contest is open to all Canadian residents.

Team Canada has the potential to win a lot of medals in turn gives you all a chance to win a lot of cash! Go register and get playing today! Good luck! 



How many medals do you think Team Canada will win?


  1. I have no idea. I guess I need to compare from last Olympics and then make an educated guess. I will give it a shot. We started watching yesterday. So exciting!
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  2. Wow! I'm definitely heading over to check it out now. I had no idea! So fun!
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  3. This sounds so fun, especially since I love watching the Olympics. I always love to make guesses, so this will motivate me even more hehe. Off to check out out…thanks!

  4. What a fun contest! So I actually went and did a bit of research and read that some folks are predicting Canada will take home "as many as 35 medals" this year. Which just makes me beam with pride!

  5. This sounds like fun! We love watching the games in my house, and this will add a little motivation.

  6. Great contest to put you into the Olympic spirit! I will check it out. Hoping for at least 30 medals. Go Canada Go!

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