Gifts for Valentine’s Day from Hallmark

Hallmark Valentine's gifts

Valentine’s day is as fun for children as it is for grown ups. Maybe even more so. Handing out Valentine’s day cards to your classmates and getting special chocolates is always a treat! My kids love to bring in a gift for their teacher and often the bus driver and secretary as well. Every since I can remember Hallmark has been my go to place for Valentine’s day cards and gifts. They always have something for everyone I need to buy for.

Valentine's day cards

Unique cards to express your love for that special someone. Now featuring greeting cards and gift bags from Sarah Jessica Parker priced from $4.99-$7.99 These are very high quality and beautiful. Elegant with jeweled pieces to add that extra special something.

valentine's day Hallmark

The Spring Dots Dual Memo block is a nice addition to any desk. Priced at $7.95. As well as the Suddenly Flowers ($14.95) This card stock floral display pops open when you open the box. Brightly coloured and a unique touch, flowers that last forever! To the right of the picture you can see the Magic Message Reveal Heart ($16.95) By the touch of your hand this heart reveals a special message left by that special someone. A nice gift to give to your other half 🙂

valentine's from HAllmark

For the Disney lover in your life Hallmark has adorable itty bittys Disney Happy Hearts ($6.95 each) These limited edition Valentine’s day versions of Mickey and Minnie would be a welcome addition to all Disney lovers. These cute plushes are impossible not to love. They are really small and super cute! From Hallmark and Disney you can also get Disney Sweethearts ($14.95 each) These classic fabric Disney characters are an elegant touch to your fun loving side. If you feel like grooving you can always pick up a singing Frog. The Hearts a -Hoppin’ Frog likes to sign and dance to Hot Hot Hot and walks in a circle. Get dancing with him for $15.95.

Hallmark has so many affordable options for children and adults, you will find something for sure. Be sure to pick up the wrapping paper or gift bag as well. Lots of variety and styles fr every budget ans every size gift. Checkout Hallmark Canada for these and other gift ideas for those you love! 


  1. That card is gorgeous. I'm not a card fan, whenever I get them – they go straight in the trash. BUT I would keep that one and re purpose it for scrapbooking. It's too pretty to toss!
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  2. canadianbloghouse says

    Wow, such pretty cards and bags! I love the pop-out flowers. My mum and dad gave me a pop-out card from Hallmark a couple of years ago and I just loved it. You reminded me of all the fun I used to have on Valentine's Day at school when I was a kid. Used to love getting all those little cards from my classmates 🙂

  3. crystallouwho says

    Love the note pad idea, something different than the go to chocolate route for Valentine's day!

  4. I love Hallmark and these are such adorable ideas. I am going to get the frog for my hubs

  5. Whenever I walk by Hallmark in the Mall the kids gravitate towards Hallmark to look at all the seasonal items. They always have the best selection in town.!
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  6. Hallmark never disappoints! We usually pick up at least one item from them on every occasion, especially xmas, and teachers' gifts.

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