I am a good wife! When I am not tired……


I was recently reminded of a not so good wife incident the other night. We had friends over and some how got on the discussion of what we take in our coffee. Hubs pipes up and says “Double double!” then thinks , looks at me and says “Double sugar NOT double salt!” Our friends looked at us like we were crazy and we then filled them in. 

Of course we do not take salt in our coffee! 

Many years ago when I was a stay at home mom to three kids (aged 6, 2 and newborn) I woke up with hubs to help get him out the door for work. I was obviously tired having two children who woke through the night. I offered to make him coffee for his thermos and for the drive into work. I mixed them both up and sent him on his way with a kiss good bye! Aw such a good wifey 🙂

Feeling good about myself I carried on with my day. Later that night hubs came home and asked me why I was mad at him? 

Totally clueless I asked him what he was talking about. Turns out his coffee was not so good. He waited for it to be a good temperature and took a big sip. Then realized I used salt instead of sugar in it . I guess the containers they were in were very similar. To this day, he insists I did it on purpose lol 

But I did not. It was 100% just a mistake, me being over tired. A good thing did come of it though. He has never asked me to make him coffee again since 😉 

I swear it was not intentional 




  1. That’s something I would do. It happens when we are tired or trying to multitask with a little one chattering a mile a minute. I once put a box of cereal in the fridge among other (now funny) things. 😉

  2. Simple solution. Get your own coffee, or better yet, please make one for me.

  3. You're still a great wife in my books just for the fact you even attempted to help get hubby off to work!
    Before we had our son I was happy to get up at the crack of dawn to make hubby a hot breakfast and pack his lunch. That stopped as soon as a baby was on the scene and now (10 years later) there's still no way in heck I'm waking up so early! lol!

  4. I can so easily see that happening. Poor you but too funny.

  5. Such an easy mistake to make! Haha! Love it.

  6. thriftymommagogo says

    That is an easy mistake to make I think. Funny though. I once worked with a lady who showed up to work wearing totally mismatched shoes. That was a pretty comical moment also.
    My recent post The Protective Factor of Diagnosis and Three Ways to Help a Person with FASD #specialneeds #preventfasd

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