Peter Rabbit & Dora the Explorer DVD


Can you feel it? Spring is starting to get in the air. Popping up here and there, or so I hope. 

To help celebrate Spring and all that comes along with it, I have a fun giveaway for two of my Canadian readers. I have a copy of each of the above movies to giveaway to two lucky readers. You may have seen my recent posts about these -> Dora the Explorer and Peter Rabbit These movies are fun for little ones to learn and grow and enjoy everything Spring has to offer. They may even inspire some family friendly adventure for your family!

Each multi-episode DVD movie is available now in stores everywhere for around $10 each. Peter Rabbit and Peter Rabbit Spring into Adventure and Dora the Explorer egg hunt and Easter Adventure will be great additions to your DVD collection. 

For your chance to win, fill out the form below. Good luck! 



  1. My son loves splashing in the rain puddles with his boots and rain gear on!

  2. My daughter loves Dora

  3. Heather Benoit says

    My kids love spring cause there bikes and quads come out lol !

  4. Natasha Severson says

    loves playing outside with the horses!

  5. Lindsay Cyr says

    My daughter loves splashing in the mud puddles with her raincoat and rubber boots.

  6. cynthia jacobi says

    Easter and Dora my 2 year olds dream contest.

  7. she just turning 2 so this spring will be exciting to see what she really likes but she loves going for walks, to play at the park, catching bubbles & digging in the garden, can't wait to do even more fun stuff.. thnx

  8. my kids love splashing in puddles

  9. Looking forward to Peter Rabbit!

  10. We love the flowers and the birds singing.
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  11. Karin Dollery says

    My granddaughter likes to put on her rubber boots and splash in the puddles.

  12. Rain puddles for sure!

  13. My son loves to be outside!! Play in puddles. Go to the park. Everyday he asks to go to the skatepark. He doesnt quite understand why there is so much snow!!! He’ll be happy to get out his skateboard again!!

  14. The grandkids love when we take them to the park. The swings are a favourite.

  15. My grandkids love being able to run around and jump in the cherry blossoms after they fall from the tree!

  16. What my kids love about spring is getting the garden ready and planted!

  17. Children love being able to play outside without wearing multiple layers of bulky clothing.
    (Debbie W)

  18. rain puddles ofcourse

  19. My kids love that they get to start planting flowers and play outside with their bikes and rollerblades again.
    My recent post Dora the explorer: Dora in Wonderland

  20. bill norris says

    freedom from the confines of the house

  21. Bailey Eileen Parr says

    Puddle jumping! lol

  22. My kids loved helping me in the garden.

  23. Going outside to play in spring without bulky winter jackets!

  24. My daughter loves to help me with the garden she has a lil green thumb too!!

  25. kathy downey says

    my child love to jjump in every puddle in eye sight lol

  26. Wayne Lecoy says

    I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the Peter Rabbit & Dora the Explorer DVDS.
    In response to your question of What does your child love about spring?
    They love splashing in the puddles and watching the flowers grow.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  27. What our children love most about spring is being able to go outside to play without having to dress up in multiple layers of clothing! So much quicker and easier for all of us! 😀

  28. We just love getting outside in the fresh air! Now that he's walking he will probably want to play more!

  29. My son loves playing in puddles in his rain boots in the spring.

  30. Jumping in all the puddles!


  32. My Grandkids love playing outside especially in the puddles!

  33. My kids cannot wait to ride thier bikes! Theyre eagerly awaiting the flowers & grass to appear and the snow to finally disappear!

  34. Carol Denny says

    My grandkids like spring because its soon cottage time!

  35. julie bolduc says

    They like playing in mud

  36. We love working in the garden!

  37. Judy C(Judy Cowan) says

    Getting back outside to play!

  38. She loves watching the flowers 'wake up'.

  39. Adrienne gordon says

    They like the weather change.

  40. She loves all the pretty flowers, and getting the gardening started with Grandma.

  41. Cassie Fancy says

    My children love being able to bring their bikes back outside

  42. Darlene Wissenz says

    Freedom from the house to go on an adventure outside

  43. my daughter loves getting out for walks with the dog

  44. She loves that we can go back to playing outside more! She also likes the rain, and the flowers.
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  45. my kids love flowers

  46. Getting outdoors…Been too long and cold of a winter!

  47. afternoons at the park!

  48. Audrey Skinner says

    They love playing marbles and hopscotch.

  49. My daughter loves playing outside

  50. We love watching the flowers flood the garden with colour!

  51. Elva Roberts says

    My children loved Easter and just getting outside more to play with their friends.

  52. this spring will be really special because last year my daughter couldnt even walk yet but now she is basically running. so it will be so much fun to go outside and have her run on the grass

  53. All my grandchildren are coming over for Easter. They love playing outside and going to the Park .

  54. They love the sun and flowers

  55. tammy campbell says

    playing outside with no snowpants and helping me plan my gardens

  56. karen petrychko says

    for my granddaughter she would love this.

  57. Angela Mitchell says

    My daughter loves that her birthday is in spring and Easter.

  58. fahlinstar says

    All the snow melting of course!!

  59. niki robak says

    playing outside in the sun

  60. stephy905 says

    Less clothing & more fun!!!

    Rafflecopter Name: Stephanie LaPlante

  61. Karen E. Hill says

    Baby bunnies and Easter eggs

  62. Dianne G. says

    My grandkids like to go outside and play and blow bubbles in the spring and they love to go out in the rain with their umbrellas.

  63. SweetPanda says

    My kids love to be able to play outside more often in spring

  64. Taryn T. says

    We love being outside in the Spring! Plus, we have two birthdays, an anniversary, and Spring Break!

  65. My grand daughter would LOVE these

  66. Wendy Rozema says

    my kids like to play outside and ride their bikes!

  67. Kristin Ashe says


  68. Playing outside and not freezing!

  69. Caryn Coates says

    My babies love to play in the sandbox

  70. Lindsay Cyr says

    My kids love playing in the mud puddles with their rubber boots on during the Spring time!

  71. Not having to get all bundled up for the cold weather.

  72. truckerofbc says

    My children love to play outdoors in the spring. At the park.

  73. They love riding their scooters

  74. Carmelle Gagnon says

    Well this is not for MY child, but a grand-child. He loves the new flowers that spring up from the cold …the newest bulbs that magically erupts from the ground. Also, being able to play longer outside as it is no longer cold and RUN: no more bulky snow pants and boots are lighter now.

  75. Nancy ouglas says

    No more snow shovelling.

  76. Teresa Thompson says

    She loves playing on her swing set.

  77. Emily Linton says

    My daughter loves rainbows! 🙂

  78. Christy Martin says

    Easter and bright coloured rainboots. I can't wait!

  79. These would be great for my great nieces and nephews. I would love to watch them watching these!!!

  80. My daughter loves playing in the puddles.


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