Root Beer Float

One of my favourite memories as a child was sleeping over at my cousins house. We would stay up late and watch CHIPS and make Root Beer floats. It was a lot of fun and I will always remember those nights. Now that I am mom, I enjoy making Root Beer floats with my children.  So simple to do and so much fun. Plus they taste great! 

root beer float 1

Root Beer Float

• 1 Cup Root Beer

• 3 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

• Whipped Cream

• Maraschino Cherry

• Sprinkles (optional)

Place ice cream in large mug and freeze for four hours (or until ready to serve). Remove from freezer and add root beer. Top with whipped cream and cherry. Add sprinkles if desired.

I know it is chilly out, but maybe having a Root beer float will make you think of warmer days?!?


  1. Thanks must have been so fun. This look yum!
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  2. christinetopley says

    Brings back memories. Havven't had a root beer float in soooooo long. Might have to get to having one now LOL

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