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When I was younger I was obsessed with body image. I thought being a certain size meant I looked perfect. I remember sucking in my stomach so I did not look “fat” when I was 120 lbs. Now, four children later and many years, I realize I was no where near fat. It is amazing how with age comes knowledge and with knowledge comes power. Power to be confident and power to speak up. I weigh more now than I did and yet I feel better about myself and better about my body image.  For a long while I have disliked the word “Diet” I usually say something more like “making healthy choices” or “Lifestyle changes”. I know with dieting comes a lot of images and words that have negative impacts on peoples lives. The feeling of being let down and failure also circulates around the word diet. Because of this, I took the Never say Dieting Oath

A recent survey commissioned by Multi-Grain Cheerios examining young women ages 10-17 revealed some compelling stats:

  • 3 in 5 women have been on a diet
  • 52% of girls get their information about dieting and nutrition from family members
  • 1 in 5 girls under 18 is currently dieting

In order to end this cycle of destructive dieting, Multi-Grain Cheerios has launched “Generation Healthy”, a program aimed at encouraging women to recognize their self-worth and become part of the solution as a role model living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

The message of the program is one that I think all women can relate to:

“We believe that nutrition is healthier than deprivation and that dieting is harmful to us and to our children. So let’s embrace a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and empower the next generation to do the same by removing the word dieting from our lives and replacing it with words like nourished, strong, and fulfilled. Let’s use our influence to teach our children to live with healthy balance by living that way ourselves. Together, we can build a healthier future for every generation to come.”

As a mom to two girls I know that what I do and what I say impacts them deeply. My self image molds their feelings about themselves. Because if this, I took the oath. I believe with all my heart nutrition is healthier than deprivation and that dieting is harmful for us all. We need to educate our children that a healthy balanced lifestyle is best. Together we can help them and educate them and give them the tools to succeed with this. 


Great start

A world without dieting is possible if we all start living with healthy balance. Here are some tips on how to feel good in every way – mind, body, and spirit.

5 Easy Ways to Healthier Eating
  1. Have breakfast every day
  2. Enjoy vegetables and fruit as part of every meal, and as snacks
  3. Eat at least one dark green and one orange vegetable each day
  4. Each day, make at least half of your grain products whole grain
  5. Choose lower fat milk and lean meats (or their alternatives) prepared with little or no added fat

To help create a world without dieting, Multi-Grain Cheerios is encouraging Canadians to take the first step in being a positive, healthy role model by taking the “Never Say Dieting Oath” at WorldWithoutDieting.ca.

Take the NEVER SAY DIETING OATH and together we’ll make the next generation healthy – mind, body, and spirit.

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    Jenna Em
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    I agree that we should not use the word dieting. I'm working on eating better, and love the fresh fruit and vegetables at Loblaws.

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