Visiting Montreal


I have yet to visit Montreal. We are planning a trip in the upcoming months for our sons Track & Field competition. I hear so many great things about this historical city and all of its culture. I can not wait to check it out for myself.  Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec after all. There is not doubt there will be a little of everything for everyone to enjoy while we are there. With many people in the province speaking English and French I am excited to hear the the stories of the city from the locals. The city is Canada’s centre for French language television productions, radio, theatre, film, multimedia, and print publishing. Montreal’s many cultural communities have given it a distinct local culture. Since we are heading there in the Spring, I will be sure to check out the scenery and some of the events the city hosts. 

Recently I was introduced to a website that helps those shopping for houses in Montreal. I wanted to share it with you all as I know many of you are located not far from there. And if you are, who knows what the future holds. This site will surely be a valuable resource for many who are lookiong to buy a home in the area.

I am not sure what I am looking forward to more on our visit, the food or the entertainment and night life. 


These competitions are usually very long days so I may have no time at all to get out and sight see. I hope we do though, it looks and sounds amazing! What are the must see places and attractions you suggest I check out with the family? 


  1. womaninthemid says

    Hope you have a great time on your trip!!! Comment love from Sits!

  2. MapleMouseMama says

    I can not suggest any places or things to do in Montreal Kim, but I will say I am jealous, LOL. It has been many years since I visited Quebec. You will have a wonderful time no matter what you get to do. Good luck to your superstar son!!


  3. Really amazing post! thanks for sharing. will back again.

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  4. Definitely make sure you go to Notre Dame -it is stunning. Go to Old Montreal -cobblestone streets, little cafes, fun shops. I have not been to Montreal in years but I am sure those would be unchanged.

  5. cindyloveofbook says

    Kim, Please let me know if you come to Montreal. I would love to meet up with you. There is so much to see and do here

  6. I grew up in Montreal and lived there until I was 23 years old. To me, Montreal is still home 🙂 I highly recommend visiting Vieux Montreal, le Vieux Port, Mont Royal, the Biodome, and if you like shopping, downtown Montreal is fab! Fun for just walking around and checking out the sights! Plus, Montreal is the mecca for all good food 🙂 You can get any type of cuisine imaginable! I'm a bit biased, right? 😉 If you need recommendations, don't hesitate to drop me an email!
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  7. Enjoy your visit to Montreal! My husband spent a few years there growing up and he loves the city!

    Anne Taylor

  8. nenasinclair says

    I hope you have a great time! I've always wanted to visit Montreal!

  9. Sylvia Shaw says

    have a great time

  10. The dish looks delicious. Have always wanted to visit Montreal.

  11. Have a wonderful trip.
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