Working with Competing Brands

In the real world, the home I keep and my family that is, I use many brands. Very seldom do I have brand loyalty when it comes to household products. I have my faves and hubs has his. The kids, well they each like what they like and we some how make it work. Often we , like many people have no idea that in the big business world, these brands are competitors.  When I shop I shop for quality, preference and within my budget. I buy what is on sale or what I happen to have a coupon for. So one week I may buy a product that is different from another because it is more affordable. Some products I prefer the scent, others the versatility. Some I have grown up with and could not imagine my life without them. Each product I use in my home and in my life I use because it has aspects I like. It fits my budget and my family has expressed they like it. A few times I have tried out a “new brand” or a “cheaper brand” and we have either added it to our list of brands to use or never tried again. 

It is kind of like movies or music. I like more than one genre and style. I always have.  

So why should my blog be any different? 

Recently I was invited to take part in a campaign, an ambassadorship. I really went back and forth in my head if it was a good idea to accept. After all many of the brands within the parent company are competitors of another ambassadorship I am involved in. Then I realized in the real world I am not brand loyal. To be real, with all of you I need to be real with myself. The list of products and brands this brand has under them are in my house. So why shouldn’t I accept? 

I never claim one product is better than another. 

I have never said I am exclusive. 

I NEVER compare brands or products within a post to others. 

Plus, I think you all would like to learn about other brands, products and services. Maybe even win some fun prizes 🙂 

So to keep it real in 2014, you will see brands and products on Tales of a Ranting Ginger that are from competitors. Products I use and products I love. Some I love more than others, and some that I can not live without. 

Hopefully there will be a few that are new to you and you will love them as well! 



  1. I think that is a great choice and I know I appreciate the honesty in your decison as you are right, our lives are not about just one product or brand! Looking forward to hearing your "real life" opinions!

  2. As product junkie, I fully relate 😉 I love your honesty and agree it's all about the product and your relationship with it. I haven't been a brand ambassador yet and simpathize with the struggle as I've already thought about that aspect/prospect. In the end as a blogger, it's your honest opinion about the product your readers want to hear. Like Tara said, I also look forward to your "real life" opinions!
    My recent post The Jungle Book: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray Combo pack available today (February 11)!

  3. Cheryl Grandy says

    I also use many brands – sometimes because for some reason I prefer one brand to others, often because this week one brand is less expensive than others. I think that is a reasonable way to live and shop. I respect your honesty in explaining your decision, and look forward to hearing your opinions on many products.

  4. Well said lady. Well said.

  5. Thanks for sharing this.

    Funny thing is that hubs and I rotate the mayo in our house. He loves one brand and I another. 🙂 It can all work out.

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