7 Family Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy some quality time as a family. There are so many activities you can enjoy that will both help you bond and get some exercise in the process. Planning such activities does not have to be expensive or complicated, in fact it can be quite frugal and easy. Take a peek below at 7 family fun ways to celebrate spring with your own family. You are sure to find some fun ideas worth trying!

1. Have a bubble blowing contest.

Make your own batch of bubble blowing solution when you mix 1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid, 2 cups of water, and 1 teaspoon of sugar. You can even add a drop of food coloring if you wish. Then, create your own signs advertising when and where the competition will be. Gather and see who can blow the largest bubble. It is sure to be a fun time!


2. Have an outdoor scavenger hunt.

Divide up into teams and create item lists for the opposite team. The item lists should be simple objects for the team to find, all of which can be found outdoors. See which team can find all of their items first and report back to the house.

3. Make a nature box.

Take a walk at a local park with a shoe box in tow. Collect samples of the items you find that are interesting. This can be leaves, rocks, and flowers. When you return home, investigate the items you found.

4. Create sidewalk chalkscapes.

Give each family member some chalk and a section of the sidewalk to color. Create fun and fancy murals and drawings. It will be your own large art installation! Make sure each artist signs theirs!

Pieces of used sidewalk chalk on street.

5. Plant a family garden.

Get some seeds and supplies from your local dollar store and create a small family garden. It does not have to be huge, just a few plants that you can grow and enjoy as a family.

6. Make your own bird feeders.

Roll some pine cones or toilet paper tubes in peanut butter then sprinkle with birdseed. Tie on some string and you have an easy bird feeder both the birds and yourselves will enjoy.

7. Go bird watching.

Look up what birds are native to your area online. Print out pictures if you can then head out to bird watch. Make your own binoculars by taping cardboard tubes together. Talk about the birds you see, the sounds you hear, and just have fun exploring nature.

bird watching

See how easy it can be to enjoy the arrival of spring as a family? Give these easy spring activities a try and you can enjoy some family time for less.


  1. lyndac1968 says

    used to love colouring the road with chalk with my girls, yes I said road, we live on a very small street with only four homes and no sidewalks, so we used the road, the girls used to love when cars would actually stop to see what they created, it was cute! and I never thought of putting food colour in my bubble mix what a neat idea

  2. I remember spending time doing these kinds of things with the girls when they were younger. Brings back great memories!

  3. All great ideas, Kim! We just bought all the seeds we want to plant this spring to grow a veggie garden. Now…if only spring would actually show up!
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  4. Reese Speaks says

    Love these ideas, Kim! I'm going to be doing a lot of these things with my little guys now that they are big enough to move around better on their own now.

  5. When I was a kid, I remember my family and I do so much outdoor activities during weekends. And its a lot of fun doing those things with your whole family. Great memories.
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