Budget Friendly Family Holiday Ideas

Holidays are wonderful. Just look at the TV and ads everywhere. Happy families frolicking on the beach somewhere tropical. Happy families on the ski slopes and nestled in a chalet. You don’t have to go far online to get great advice about family holidays.

Let’s be realistic, who can really afford to get the entire family on a plane to get to most of these destinations? Even a seat sale is still times four or five or more. When you get to the destination it is meals times four or five again. It’s not just the holiday but the holiday times the whole family that makes it expensive.

There are some really good options online that package affordable family holidays with plenty of ideas. A resort can be great for the activities but an apartment based destination can work well for families with diet restrictions. Explaining gluten-free or peanut allergy in a foreign language can be difficult or frightening.

Another option to keep the costs under control for the family vacation is to think about staying a little away from the action. A short walk to the beach is far less expensive than a patio that opens onto the sand. Ski-in ski-out is great if there is a reason to be in and out of the chalet all day. If the family is there to ski then a shuttle ride to the hill can save a bundle.

A budget means there will be a compromise. Deciding what is truly important is the best way to start. If it is the sun activities then head to resort. If it is beach then an apartment to make your own fun can work better. Knowing what will make everyone happy is key.

A family holiday should be about good memories without breaking the bank.

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  1. Fantastic ideas you have posted. Putting them in my list . Thumbs up!

  2. Budget Family Holidays are three words these days that seem not to belong to the same sentence. Some amazing list you've put together. Will be a huge help

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