Cleaning Solution for flat irons, curling iron, etc

cleaning solution

Being girls we all use some sort of irons in our lives pretty much daily! Whether that be a flat iron, a curling iron, a wand, or maybe even a deep waver! But also with these things we use hair products such as heat protectants, gels, mousses, and hairsprays! Using the two together can cause a lot of product build up on your irons! This causes them to smell awful when they heat up due to the product burning on the iron and also it is not good for your hair! Unfortunately for us, these products generally don’t just come off with a warm towel! It requires a special cleaning solution and a little elbow grease! So what is the solution I speak of you ask? I’m here to tell you!

It’s very simple, mix together baking soda and hydrogen peroxide! It is an amazing cleaner when it comes to your irons! In order to get your irons looking clean, awesome, and looking nearly brand new! You simply mix the two to form a paste! Apply it to any spots on your irons and allow it to sit on there for a couple minutes! Then wipe off, some spots can be stubborn and may require a little force and elbow grease! But trust me, they will definitely come off! They do make iron cleaners sold in most beauty supply stores however it averages around $7-$10! Therefore the cleaning solution I have provided is a much more affordable way for cleaning your irons and they will last much longer if you take care of them and clean them! They need care just like anything else!

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  1. Teresa Claire says

    Thanks for the recipe. I am going to use it wipe down my hair dryer. The barrel feels sticky.

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