Before Coffee, Our Dishes smell fresh

I really should not do much before I have my morning coffee. Really! You may remember a post I shared about putting salt in hubs coffee back in the day because I was a tired mama. Well I wish I could tell you I have learned from that. Or the other mistakes of early morning craziness. 

Monday to Friday I wake with our eldest son for school. We wake just after 6AM and I usually start lunches. Today I thought the kitchen was a mess, so I filled the dishwasher with dishes and washed a load. 

20 minutes into the cycle I ask my son “What are you spraying” ? He confusingly responds with nothing and carries on. I can smell a wonderful fresh smell but can not figure out for the life of me, from where. The smell gets stronger and stronger. It is Febreze, I know it! 

So turns out when I was sent some fabulous Gain Flings laundry pods that contain Febreze, my kids placed them under the sink. This morning I saw a pouch and pods and did not read or think any further. So indeed I placed a laundry pod in with our dishes. 

My son laughed at my mistake and the thought of me going crazy because I could smell something. I had a cup of coffee and washed the dishes AGAIN. This time with the proper pods. 

I am happy my nose was right. I am also happy it is Thursday and that means sleeping in on Saturday is really close. Because this mam obviously needs some sleep!

So tell me, what have you done lately that was funny because of being tired? 


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