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Most days there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Between working full time during the week, I also need to keep track of my 6 year old daughter’s activities, parties and appointments. She probably needs her own planner. I also like to plan out my running training schedules and write those down too. This is a way to keep myself accountable and keep track of the distances I have run. I do have a GPS watch for this but like to see it on paper too. (I still am a person who likes to read books rather than an EReader!) And don’t forget the to do lists and my own appointments.


Of course I jumped at the chance to review a 12 month weekly personal organizer from I was thrilled by the way I could customize it so that it was something I would use. I used my own picture to design the cover that I wanted and decided to use my favorite one of the Pacific Ocean. After deciding what image to use (which may have been the hardest part) I moved on to figure out what weekly page layout I wanted.

As you can see there are sections for my weekly to do lists and a training overview for the week. I find if I write in each day what I need to do I often stick to my training schedules. And of course there are rest days written in. I feel great when I can tick off each day that I completed something off my list. I think that’s why I like have a physical planner rather than using my phone. There is more satisfaction seeing it ticked off than deleting it from my phone. I can actually see that I really accomplished something that day.

planner pages

This planner is a great size that it fits neatly in my purse and I can have it with me at all times. It is not heavy and always accessible. So the first thing on my to do list for this week is to update my new planner so I am ready to start using it.

Be sure to check out the  for all their great products – from wall planners, blog planners and great notebooks. There is something there for everyone!


Tracey is a Mom of a 6 year old daughter and a full time accountant. She is an avid runner and enjoys yoga, reading, knitting and spending time with her active family.


  1. Yay another book reader! I love reading real books too! I love planners and how fun to design one with your own photo!
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  2. I am much like you. I tried to keep it digital but I really need my planner to be on paper. I love the big boxes to write in, this is just what I need. I tried to downsize to the smaller boxes and just like digital it didn't work for me and I was feeling lost. LOL
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  3. I try to use a planner but always end up with scraps of paper, habit I suppose. I even created my own just now need to stick to it.
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  4. I need to write things down – I can't use a digital planner, I still have a calendar hanging on my kitchen wall where I write appointments and birthdays and such!
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  5. Love the idea of designing your own planner – great to have exactly everything that you need to make it useful for you and your needs.
    I've been using Google Calendar but I miss a paper planner.
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  6. That is a great planner. I am a pen and paper girl! As much as I love my electronics its so much easier to write it down! PLUS I love Crossing it out!! Highlighting, sharpie, you name it, I use it!! lol such satisfaction!
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