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We do a lot of local travel. We get in the car and just go! Sometimes we have a destination in place and other times we just go wherever the road takes us. Being together as a family and enjoying the back roads of our amazing province is making memories forever. When we are in the car for a long while the kids each have their own routine. One usually falls asleep and one other will listen to his play list while the little one will watch the world through the window. We play games and Eye Spy as well as licence plate games to help with letter recognition. She is five so this is fun for her. Sometimes when the drives to our destination are long, they get bored. 

We need to pass the time and not ruin the mood. After all we want them to be happy when we reach our destination. This is when technology comes in. Add a tablet to the mix and you will no longer hear “Are we there yet?” 

hp slate

Enjoy music, movies and games on the brand-new Slate 8 Pro with Beats Audio™ for the best-sounding, richest audio available on a tablet. Give kids the gift of endless hours of fun. This Android based tablet is extremely affordable at $349.99. The picture quality and sound are amazing! I have one and am now in need of a case as the kids are using it non-stop. The five year old can click to her apps and set up the games she wants. It connects with Google play store so I signed up for it to have its own Gmail account. This allows all Google sites to be linked to the one account. Play store, You Tube and others. 

For our March Break road trips I downloaded a bunch of free apps. There was one for Despicable Me 2 and that is Little ones fave. 



There are many educational games you can download for next to nothing. When you know you will be gone longer, you can add your digital movies to the tablet or connect to your Netflix. This is also great for hotel stays. No matter what he weather, how long the journey or how far the destination, the kids will be entertained along the way. 

snowy beach


The beach covered in snow is cold but fun to see.

Indoor water parks are always a great way to beat the winter blues.


This picture is from our previous trip to Frankenmuth. We can not wait to make the three hour drive and go back. Happy the kids will have entertainment along the way.  The teens are loving the quality of the Beats audio. They may need to share or we will have to pick up another to keep everyone happy. The kids also take lots of pictures and create art work with their HP Slate 8 Pro. It is easy to share later with the built-in print apps on our printer or print for free on Snapfish.com

We are excited to discover more destinations as a family and create memories along the way! 

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Disclosure- HP products mentioned in this post were supplied by HP Canada.


  1. Wow that's a nice looking tablet. I have heard of the slate and the color quality is great. My son love using his tablet on adventures. It's great for kids to be able to watch movies or play games.

  2. massholemommy says

    My boys each have a Kindle Fire and I wouldn't dream of going on a road trip without them. Those & their Nintendo 3DS;s!!

  3. I love being able to watch Netflix and download fun apps on a tablet or phone because you can take it with you anywhere and entertain yourself or your kids. That's a really great way to keep kids preoccupied and no running around all over the place.
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  4. We plan on taking the kids on a trip this year. I bet this would definitely keep them entertained!
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  5. Having a tablet in the car is nearly a requirement for us now. Fortunately we can save on the car expense by not needing a fancy entertainment system any longer!
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  6. The Flying Couponer says

    Wow, I would love to get one! We also like to travel, it is not always easy to keep my kids entertained.

  7. toughcookiemommy says

    It's so important to have activities to keep the kids engaged when they are stuck in the house.

  8. I love all of your blog posts. This one was a great one always and love the tablet.

  9. We just traveled 3000 miles and I we elected to do the traditional old car games. We found the alphabet and numbers on signs, we also tried to spot a certain color car. It was really nice to unplug and connect with the kids. That being said, we use a lot of technology now that we are getting settled we are back at it. I use our tablet for our homeschooling the boys, it allows us to take our learning away from the indoors to parks, the beach, etc. I love the features of this unit and HP always makes great products.
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  10. Ashley Bunker says

    That tablet looks so awesome! Definitely something my kids could use on a long car ride!

  11. Amber Edwards says

    WOW, that would definitely be a huge hit for my kids on a family trip! They love Despicable me 2; and having their own tablet to keep them entertained would be totally awesome.

  12. My older daughter is now 16 but I have a 14 month old. We recently traveled from New York to Virginia with her, it would have been great to entertain her with.
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  13. we are going on holiday in a few months and we will be on a train for about 4 hours. my eldest takes his DS, but my youngest 2 have colouring book and i-spy sheets
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  14. Aisha Kristine Chong says

    That is one awesome tablet – my niece would love this.
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  15. becca112971 says

    My son either sleeps or plays his hand held game. hubby and I usually talk or I ready the whole way.

  16. My kids love using our tablets for road trips. This one looks really cool!
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  17. I love road trip as well, but it can be quite hard getting the children to not act out during trips. It seems like this would keep them very entertained.
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  18. That is a pretty cool looking tablet. Tablets are such great entertainment when traveling for children and adults alike. I don't go anywhere without my iPad.
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  19. THese are really good ideas and the HP tablet looks awesome! I bet the sound is great since it has a beats audio!
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  20. Wish we had more time to travel. I'm sure my daughter would love this tablet, as she loves to watch videos on Youtube and play some games too.

  21. ladymarielle says

    We don't have a car so our travels are usually done by public transport. There's a been a few times that we had to take the train out of the city and I usually have my iPhone or some times the Nintendo ds to keep my son busy.
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  22. I remember going for car rides, just to ride as a kid. We thought that was so fun! And I recognized Frankenmuth instantly. 🙂
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  23. OH awesome tablet! My son really needs a new one – we love HP! So i will have to look into this one! I hadn't heard of it before!
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  24. Our tablet and dvd system saved our lives when we moved from Nevada to Illinois with our three year old. I'm not a fan of letting him just veg out like that, but for a three day car trip, I have no complaints!
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  25. prettyopinionated says

    That is an awesome tablet! I have an HP Envy AIO PC but would love a more compact version for traveling.
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  26. Back in the day we had a vhs system in the car. Then a portable DVD player. Now we have an iPad. Next it'll be a second tablet or a bigger tablet.
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  27. It's interesting to hear you encouraging electronics on road trips. I run in a circle that discourages it a little bit. We try not to…but it happens. The rule in our car is that the electronics can't come out until we cross into another state. It works most the time. Michelle

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