A Field Trip to the Sugar Bush

Ontario maple syrup
Last week I had the opportunity to attend my daughters field trip to the sugar bush. A local farm with animals, produce and a cozy little store. We could not wait to go. I got to the school and opted in for the school bus ride. Since my daughter is in SK this was exciting for her and the others. Usually they need to sit at the front of the bus. But since there were no other kids, they got to sit at the back. When you are 5, this is BIG! 

Two classes went on this trip. We needed to be split into two groups. So we stayed with our class. One group went to the bush to see how sap was collected. The other stayed at the farm and saw the store and process. 

This was one of the many trees with buckets collecting sap for Maple syrup. They also had some rigged up with hoes and were being vacuumed to speed it along. 

maple syrup tree

Big holding tank to transport the sap to be processed 

The finished product


Maple candy and maple syrup cotton candy was in the store too! 

maple candy

While we were there we had samples, saw a few animals too. Some cows, a duck a cat and a dog. The kids and parents all loved the wagon ride where we got to sit on bales of hay. 

Some fun facts

40 litres of sap makes 1 litre of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup must be filtered to remove the impurities that could affect its appearance and flavor. 

There are five shades (grades) of Maple Syrup 

Sap drawn earlier in the season produces syrup with lighter colour and flavour. As the maple season progresses, the flavour intensifies and the colour deepens.

This year the season was later than normal. The farm we were at said they had a hard time accessing the tress because of all the snow. 

The trip was educational and fun. Loved spending time with my little one and her friends. 

Have you been to a sugar bush? 


  1. Sounds fun! I went on a class trip with my daughter once to a maple sugar house and I keep wanting to do it again on our own and missing the season. Instead we just stock up on maple syrup when we are in VT, NH or ME.
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  2. Lynda Cook says

    I haven't been since I was a little girl, but I still remember everything the smell and the best part the owner put warm fresh maple syrup on nice clean white snow for us to eat that was the best. I may not go anymore but I still buy the real stuff it's way better than the cheap syrup you buy in the stores

  3. My birthday is in April and I had a lot of birthday parties in the maple sugar bush when I was little.It was a lot of fun and still brings back the best memories.There is nothing like real maple syrup.
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  4. kathy downey says

    i really enjoyed reading about this,i love maple syrup

  5. Christy Martin says

    I haven't been to a sugar bush for years and I missed it again this year! Growing up, many of our farming relatives did this in the winter months and barely remember much. I would love to visit one of the festivals next year!

  6. Elva Roberts says

    I have never been to a sugar bush so I think you and Your daughter were very lucky. I buy Maple Syrup and cook with it as well as use it for pancakes. We had lots of snow as well.

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