Getting your patio Spring Ready

twinkle lights

The first day of Spring is near. You would never know it judging from all the snow still in many of our yards. But I am determined to get out of this winter funk and set my mind on Spring. I look forward to gardening and Barbecues and late nights in our beautiful yard. First thing I want to do is get my patio Spring ready. Doing so should be easy enough and it will really set the mood for Spring. I may even string up some min lights from to add to the welcoming mood. 

As soon as the snow is gone I will do the following 

Power wash

A few years back we power washed the deck and it looked brand new. There are many washes you can use, but even water alone will clean it up. Then if you wish you can add a stain or leave as is. I love doing this to wash away the grime of the winter snow and slush. 

Bring out the furniture

Set up the patio furniture. Often from being stored all winter some pieces are broken, missing or dirty. Now is a good time to replace or clean up what needs to. New seat cushions are very affordable this time of year as well. You can often find last years stock on clearance. A great way to freshen up a set for less. 


Start planting

Where I live we really can not plant anything until the end of May. But you can start seeds indoors and get your pots ready. Planning ahead makes this such an easy task and it really ads a new dimension to your deck or patio. 

If you are like me and spend a lot of time outdoors, you will want a patio that is like a second living room. All the needed necessities and a comforting spot to hang out and entertain. When the sun goes down and the night is still warm, we turn on the lights and relax. A glass of wine, some music and fun is all that is needed. I personally love sitting on the deck in the early morning, drinking my coffee and doing my work when I can. I am so looking forward to spring!

How to you get your deck and patio Spring ready? 


  1. I can't wait for Spring! I'm so tired of WINTER! The first thing I do is put away Christmas decorations! lol!! then I unwrap trees, pull dead plant life, and begin planting!
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  2. Florence Cochrane says

    Spring is a long way off yet. All the snow needs to go. Be nice to get out and do a little gardening. Just to be able to open up the windows and let the fresh air in.

  3. from sat until the 20th we have "predicted" weather above 0 (rain for sunday and plus 3 which means it will melt all of that snow or turn to ice and cause headaches) I would prob spend more time outside if there weren't so many mosquitoes. I hate having to mow the lawn because they come out in full force and I usually end up with quite a few bites, no matter how much spray I use.

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