Keep the fun happening with Hasbro this Spring Break

So the ids are home for a week. We all have the best of intentions to do something, go somewhere. Right? Then the weather turns bad, someone gets sick or things just get in the way. Before you know it you have a house full of whiny bored kids and parents who are tired and counting down the days until school is back. 

Over the years I have learned to stock up on games, puzzles, books and toys. Items I hide and bring out when these things happen. it is like Christmas mid spring 🙂 You can call it mom survival items or rainy day survival kit. Whatever works for you! Hasbro is one of my go to brands for these kid of things. Affordable, fun and easy to put away for later on. Recently I told you all about the fun Rainbow dash toy my little one has but there is more. 

Kreo Dungeons & Dragons Fortress Defense 


$24.99 ages 7-12 years

Collect the world and Master the Battle with the KRE-O Dungeons & Dragons sets! You can use the 297 pieces in this Fortress Defense set to build a castle in 3 ways and defend it from the hordes of the Orcs. Set your knight Kreon figures on the wall, armed with their bows and spears. Will the castle stand against the powerful assaults of the catapult you’ll build? If not, send your knight Pikesman and Archer Kreon figures crashing into battle against your Orc Kreon figures as they storm over the drawbridge! You’ll build one magical adventure after another with the Fortress Defense set!

Set includes 297 pieces and instructions.

You can build a powerful castle with the Fortress Defense set.
Castle has a drawbridge and panels that fall when you launch cannon balls from the catapult you can build.
Build Orc with Mace, Orc Shaman, Orc Fighter and Orc Flagman Kreon figures.
Build Knight Pikesman and Archer Kreon figures.
Includes 297 pieces for Dungeons & Dragons adventures.

Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Double Desserts

play doh


$14.99 ages 3 plus

Welcome to the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe world, where you can create the craziest, most colorful pretend treats you can imagine. What will you make today? A wacky Play-Doh cake, perhaps? Or maybe a bowl of colorful pretend ice cream? Now you don’t have to decide with the Double Desserts playset!

Playset base, oven, oven top, 3 oven molds, 2-piece extruder, server, scoop, roller, 2 plates, instructions, 2 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound, and 2 cans of Play-Doh Plus compound.

Be a pastry chef with your own toy oven and Play-Doh ice cream freezer
Create colorful Play-Doh cakes, then top them off with a scoop of pretend ice cream
You’ll really hear a ding when your Play-Doh cake is finished
Plus Up Your Creations with 2 cans of Play-Doh Plus frosting
Shape a pretend cupcake, pie, or cookie, then decorate and share

So when I do not feel like baking, little one can play and pretend. She recently made some play dough cupcakes and they looked fabulous! 

pd cupcake


Hasbro has so many great games and toys for a family to beat the boredom of a holiday. Check them out for yourself Hasbro Canada

So tell me, what do you have hidden for a rainy day? 


  1. an abundance of sticker books and colouring books!
    My recent post March Break With DK Canada

  2. great ideas as i find the kids get cabin fevered fast when the are home from school on spring break!

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