Potted Plants That Thrive in a Shaded Entryway

Dark shaded entryways are always the hardest to add a little color to with beautiful potted plants. Everyone likes to adorn their patio stairs, but if you plant flowers that are in need of full sunlight, you risk them dying or struggling just to keep some straggly stems growing. This year, fill a pot with a selection of flowers that pack a punch and thrive in the shade.

potted plants

Try any of these low light plants in your shaded entryway this year to add color and character to your home. Remember, designing the pot is just as important and really enhances the plants that you choose, so follow these tips.

Plan for the Pot

When gardening, you always plan for the garden space that you have, and the same goes for potting plants in containers. If you have a large pot, make sure that you choose two or three plants that will provide plenty of foliage, some sort of architectural interest and a pop of color.

Combinations In Shade

A shady spot deserves as much attention as a sunny corner, and you can really enhance an area with color combinations. A lot of shade loving plants are predominantly green, but there are some plants that produce foliage and blooms with colors other than green, so make sure you mix them up in the same pot. Even if you decide to plant with an all green palette for a single pot, add plants that are different shades to make each one, and the whole pot, stand out.

Best Potted Plants

Nandina and Variegated Ivy are both trailing options that are great to add to tall pots because they will fill in nicely. Pair them up with plants like New Guinea Impatiens or Horsetail which tend to grow up and have interesting colored leaves or blooms. Impatiens can be found in almost any color, making them easy to contrast with dark colored leaves of ivy, or the color of your home. If you are familiar with common houseplants, options like Caladium and Calathea are easy enough to find in nurseries and can be moved indoors to your patio without having to even change the pot.

Unconventional Potted Plant Options

Another interesting option are succulent plants, which can handle low light conditions and really add to a potted arrangement with their interesting textures and leaves. Hens and Chicks and Bird’s Nest are two of the best low light options that can be added to a shaded entryway.

Make sure that the pot matches the plants, shallow pots are better so look for urns raised on pedestals or birdbaths that have been repurposed.



  1. Victoria Ess says

    Thank you for the suggestions! We are moving into a smaller space in the next year or so, and will need to find plants that are hardy enough to survive without much sun.

  2. paula schuck says

    I always struggle with where to plant each plant and shade conditions etc/. This is a great help. Thanks!
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