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sign the pledge

Soon our oldest son will be turning 16. In Ontario turning sixteen opens a door to a whole new world.  A world of driving and independence. As a parent I am both excited and nervous for this new step in his life. We will make sure he has the tools to succeed and the training needed to be a great driver. He will know the rules of the road and the rules of the house. He will be responsible for his actions and maintain the safety of his vehicle. This is a big step for him. A big step for all teens. As you can imagine, parents are not the only ones both nervous and excited. 

It is not every day that a teenager goes to take their driving test, but it is an occasion that one would like to complete successfully. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, as many as 26% of individuals that took their G1 exam in 2012 did not pass. Proper preparation can help to significantly lower this number. Why not have teens prepare in a similar manner that one would actually see administered from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and DriveTest centers.



We are going to help our son prepare to take his written test. From there he will be attending driving school to help him navigate the roads ahead and then he will be ready for the road test. In the mean time are are preparing for the G1 test. 

What is a G1 license?

Level 1 of graduated licensing. 
Holders may drive Class G vehicles when accompanied by a fully licensed driver with at least four years of driving experience. Additional conditions apply.

A leading education website that lets users practice their G1 Test for free as many times as they like is now available in Canada. The NEW, Free G1 Practice Test website allows someone needing to take the G1 exam to practice in a way that is quite similar to that of the official exam. The site currently provides access to 6 practice tests (300 unique practice questions) that simulate what one may see on the G1 exam. Although cannot guarantee that one would see the exact questions on the exam that are shown in the practice tests, every practice exam is based on this year’s official Ontario Driver’s Handbook (2014), meaning users can be sure they are receiving the most up-to-date test information.

We will also have our son sign the pledge. Have you heard of the pledge? The pledge is an opportunity to open discussion and set some rules. Teens should know the expectations and what the consequences are if they break the rules. This parent-driver contract may seem rather formal, but it is nothing more than a symbol of the great passage of knowledge that goes into learning how to drive. The responsibility of driving can be one that puts a teen in a situation that could become fatal. wants to do everything possible to provide parents and teens with information that can help keep teens safe behind the wheel. would like to encourage parents to actively participate in their teens’ learning of what it means to be a safe driver. The Parent Driver Contract is a tool that can be used to facilitate a discussion between parent and teen about the elements of remaining safe behind the wheel. Click on the image below to go to the website to download the contract. 


G1 contract


Being prepared and discussing the rules and situations are important. I as a parent feel more comfortable sending my teen out into the world with this knowedge, these tools and the pledge. 

The pledge does not only have to be for new drivers. With the prom coming up it can be used as a reminder for older teens as well. 

Have your children went for their license yet? How did you make sure they were prepared? If your children are not yet at this stage, will you be using the contract when they are? 


  1. I think it’s a great idea. Hopefully the kids honour it. Grad/Prom is a scary time for parents when their kids are out and about driving.

  2. I remember not really feeling ready for driving when I was 16, I have an early birthday and was the first of my friends to turn 16 so I didn't even feel a push to go and get it. I like the idea of practice driving tests.

  3. My eldest did not get her licence until she was 20, she had no interest simply because we have a good bus system. Middle child also waiting until she was 19, again she had no interest we had to actually push her to get her licence. Then our teenage boy, as soon as he turned 16 he wanted to learn to drive.
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  4. oldermommystill says

    Having your child head out on the road, alone, for the first time is VERY scary for the parents and I am sure somewhat scary and exciting for the driver as well! I love the idea of the graduated licence and of the pledge. Anything we can do to keep our drivers safe and informed is a wonderful idea.
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  5. Wow! What a great idea! Having your teen get their license is a HUGE milestone for both teen and parents! I'm still about a decade away from this, but like the idea of encouraging parents to actively participate in their teens’ learning of what it means to be a safe driver.
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  6. I really like the driver contract, this is a great way to be open with expectations. Whenever I was caught breaking the rules (whether it was driving or not) I had my car taken away. My dad would pull the spark plugs and hide them.

  7. I love this initative and the site. I wish i had it around back when i was studying for my drivers license. Best of luck to your son. Sounds like he’ll be well prepared for the test and on the road.

  8. I am two years away from dealing with my son driving. I can't imagine the stress and worry that comes along with it. However I think this is a great way to build confidence and trust for both parents and kids. I shared on twitter and other social networks to get hte word out about this great cause.
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  9. This pledge is a fabulous idea! What a great way to build trust!

  10. aprettylifeinthesuburbs says

    I'm terrified for when my kids get their license, lol!! But I think this contract is such a great idea…really really great! Preparing and educating kids on the importance of driving is SO important!

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