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Whoever said having boys is easier than girls, is wrong. Being mom to both boys and girls I can tell you they both have their challenges. I was surprised to know that teenage boys spend as much time as teen girls int eh bathroom getting ready. Their appearance is very important to them. As is their smell and what they are wearing. Currently both of my boys are teens, both celebrating a birthday shortly (14 and 16). They are great kids and very smart. They are wonderful big brothers and all over great people. I am happy to see them evolving into men and learning from mistakes they have made. 

I was very amused when a Smellcome to Manhood case arrived for each of them.  It included everything they needed to be ‘manly’ 🙂 Actually it was full of fun products, great quality and smelled so good. My only worry is it smelled too good! I am not wanting a bunch of girls showing up here, following the smell of teenage boys lol 

Old Spice is taking a proactive approach to helping guys “Scent Responsibly” by enhancing its lineup of manly scented body sprays with the new, innovative and first in category Re-fresh Technology. Providing guys with the trusted grooming equipment for the job, the new Old Spice Re-fresh Body Sprays eliminate the need for guys to overspray at first application or reapply throughout the day.

The fun Old Spice video below shows how they are keeping guys smelling fresh like never before!

To “Scent Responsibly,” Old Spice recommends the following step-by-step process:

1. Grab a can of new Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray in your favourite scent

2. Hold the can of body spray 15 – 20 cm away from your body.

3. Spray across your chest for no longer than 2 seconds. Anything more and you’re entering scent cloud territory!

4. Put the can away. With new Old Spice Re-fresh body spray ($8.99) with Re-fresh Technology, there’s no need to reapply.

As a mom I can tell you the smells of the body spray are not over-powering at all. they smell great! Add them to a routine including other Old Spice hair and body products for a complete smellover.  This case is fun and with the Old Spice wit and charm it made me chuckle form the moment I opened it. However, lets be real. Boys stink! So this is a welcome addition to our home. And YES, that is Duct Tape. After all it fixes everything 🙂 

Do you have teen boys? Any tips?


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  1. Love it! Almost makes me wish I had boys, almost.
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  2. I love Old Spice, tried to get hubby to wear it but his stupid allergies :p

    My recent post Truthful Thursday – How did you get into blogging

  3. I love old spice! DH wears it!! I love this campaign! IT really helps boys learn the importance of good hygiene and smelling good! There is nothing worse then BO!
    My recent post Creating Happy Bedtime Memories – Grace Fox

  4. I think EVERY teenage boy should be made aware of how to "scent responsibly."

  5. candacederickx says

    Oh this made me laugh. When my son was about 16 we couldn't stand it! The smell was so bad. Wish this had been around then 🙂

  6. The Flying Couponer says

    Hahaha you are so funny! I love Old Spice and Duct Tape too! I don't have teenage boys but I am glad that you found something that works for you! Hehe

  7. I love these ads. They're so clever! I know a couple of guys who need to learn how to scent responsibly. 🙂
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  8. HA! LOVE it! Okay, i confess…I actually really love Old Spice!
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  9. My son is 5 and I'm dreading the days of lingering odors… good or bad!
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  10. The Modern Mom says

    I have three boys and let me say they take every bit as much bathroom time and toiletries as any girl! I wonder if my little girl will carry on the tradition lol

  11. What a perfect kit! Personally I LOVE the scent of Old Spice… it really embodies that "Man Smell" for me! Mmmm

  12. theknitwitbyshair says

    I don't have any teen boys yet…but in a few years I will have 3 of them…and I so am not looking towards those days! ha!

  13. canadianbloghouse says

    No teenage boys here but, my man loves the new (lol) Old Spice Sprays. It's so true about teenage boys in the bathroom. I remember one of my cousins…he would spend hours a day in there, combing his hair, grooming, ,and taking 2 showers a day. I wouldn't complain though. We all know that as some men age, they end up having an aversion to bathing, lol.
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