Spring Crafts for little ones

crafts for spring

My little one was sick the last two days. So we went to the dollar store and picked up some arts and crafts supplies. Wow! You can spend forever in that place haha. So inexpensive to pick things up and all you need is a little imagination. 

The birds in the nest was something I really enjoyed. It got kind of messy and little one wanted faces on the birds. So they may still be added. She liked decorating the wooden letters with colorful buttons. 

Wooden letters

  • Pick a letter or a few $1 each
  • glue
  • buttons
  • glitter
  • anything else you need for decorating 

This is just a fun way to let your child express themselves with crafts. Let them glue on what they want and decorate. My little one is learning about patterns. So she carefully swapped the colors back and forth. Plus as I have mentioned before. She loves pink. 

Birds in a nest 

  • colored pom poms various sizes
  • glue 
  • Brown (nest colored) rafia

I let little one glue two pom poms together to make the birds head and body. I twisted the rafia and cut it and tied it in place. Twisted it into a nest shape and added some pieces to crisscross through the middle. These pieces let the birds sits in the nest. 

Outside it may still look like winter. But inside our home is feeling like Spring. These were really fun and required so little skill. I am looking forward to the rest of what we have for crafts. I can not wait to share with you  


  1. nicolthepickle says

    I really like the little nest and I know my daughter would be just thrilled with it. Thanks 🙂

  2. I am going to try the little nest for my daughter. She loves birds and she'll be thrilled by this!
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  3. Christy Martin says

    I love the "S" and I am horrible coming up with ideas myself. Providing supplies as a gift would be great idea. I think one of the best gifts my (now 14 year old) niece recieved was a $40 gift card for Dollarama. She bought mostly craft supplies to make birthday gifts with. She was in heaven!

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