Top Trucks for Teens

Is your teenager looking at all the new trucks on the market today, but you are worried he or she will be tempted with too much power under the hood? Look no further than the 2015 GMC Canyon and its new Teen Driver app.


First off, know that the Teen Driver app is only equipped on certain 2015 GMC Canyon models. So, before you consider this app, what is it?

GM executive Jennifer Ecclestone says the new Teen Driver app was meant to keep teenagers away from distracting behaviors while driving. “The app helps teens pay attention to the road,” says Ecclestone.

How? Well, using GMC’s IntelliLink offerings and a password, parents can easily set limits on such things as radio volume and maximum speed. That’s right. Once set, your teenager can’t bump the music so the whole neighborhood can hear and can’t put the pedal to the metal either. In addition, Teen Driver also disables other performance capabilities to dissuade teens from taking part in dangerous “track” activities such as wide-open throttle, anti-lock brake or skid moves.

Your teen won’t be able to hear the music if his or her safety belt isn’t fastened either because Teen Driver automatically mutes the radio unless the front passengers are buckled up.

Worried about your teen driving too far from home? A “report card” records the truck’s mileage for parent verification.

What about Texting and Driving?

What may be the biggest concern for most parents is deadly texting and driving. Did you know texting while driving can be even more dangerous than drinking and driving? In fact, at least 13 percent of teens are involved in car accidents because they were texting or talking on their cell phones during the time of the crash, so says a Pew Research study.

This is why the new 2015 GMC Canyon comes equipped with next generation OnStar technology with Siri “Eyes Free” mode. Yes, Siri’s humorous, soothing and informative voice can now be heard with the push of a button on the Canyon’s steering wheel. How cool is that?

For even more safety, teens can play with the Canyon’s new GMC AppShop. This new program allows teens to download apps directly to the truck’s IntelliLink infotainment system (and update them!) for real-time news, weather, travel information and vehicle data.

Feeling better about buying your teen a hot truck? The GMC Canyon’s new Teen Driver app can sure make any parent feel less stressed and make teenagers more focused drivers.

And, so far, only the handsome new Canyon can be equipped with this potentially life-saving technology. For other great vehicles check out GMC’s Sierra.

Image Source: © GM Corp.


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