Visiting England with Kids

Travelling with children always requires careful scheduling. It may be Mom or Dad’s dream to play the fabled links of St. Andrew’s but the kids will likely take a dim view of walking for four hours over fairways and fescue. So the challenge is, how do you keep everyone happy and without breaking the bank?

Thankfully, Britain offers many popular attractions at popular prices. For instance, consider a visit to a castle. These can be pricey. Castle Howard in York is spectacular and family-friendly but admission is £35.50/$60 for two parents and up to three children. Similarly, the Tower of London charges £53.90 ($99.95 CAD) for the same-sized family. On the other hand, you can take the entire family to Hadrian’s Wall near the gorgeous coastal city of Newcastle and while there visit the Roman Army Fort of Vindolanda for just £29 for the day.


If the kids would like to see the animals in the zoo, the London Zoo would cost a family of four a wallet-draining £83/$138. Eek! On the other hand, the equally impressive Chester Zoo in Cheshire charges £54. There are always alternatives if you look for them.

There are many free or negligible cost options as well. For instance, you can always take the family to the beach. For instance, there is New Quay beach in Wales, where there is an excellent chance of the kids (and you) seeing dolphins at play. However, with thousands of miles of coastal water, there is sure to be a day at the beach within a short drive, or even walk, from wherever you stay.


Another hint is to pick up the local newspaper in whatever town you’re in. There are always circuses, fairs, special theatre events going on with very low ticket costs – often only £10-20 for the entire family. You’ll have fun and you won’t have to re-mortgage the house when you get back!

Where would you recommend a family visit for less? 


  1. I love London and there are a lot of free galleries and museums to visit. That is a great way to spend a day.

  2. massholemommy says

    I have always wanted to visit Europe – either alone or with kids. London is definitley on my bucket list.

  3. What fun! I cannot wait to bring my kids to Europe!

  4. Sadly I have never been to Europe but I will get there one day! I would love to tour castles in Ireland and England!

  5. Lois Alter Mark says

    We took the kids to London when they were younger but it was definitely an expensive trip. I'm going back this summer without them, which will be a whole different experience!
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  6. jen@dapperhouse says

    This is cheaper than a lot of places in the states! The What a great time this would be for a family. I would love to go because my relatives came from there and I would love to have that history lesson up close and personal.

  7. This looks amazing!!! I can't wait to take my family!

  8. I would love to visit England!!! It looks amazing! London would be a must! You share great info on your site!!

  9. jennifer B. says

    I would love to visit England and it would be great to take the kids too!

  10. lisa jones says

    Some Day Some Day Soon I Hope Look Amazing!

  11. England has been on my bucket list for years. I would probably spend way to much while I was there.

  12. I'd love to visit there someday.. just these photos alone are making me want to plan a trip right now! Thanks for the tips, those sound like reasonable deals!

  13. You are right. There’s alwAys ways to save if you stop and be creative

  14. This looks like an awesome trip!

  15. Seventeen Sirens says

    Sounds like there's a lot to do there, I'd love to take my son one day.

  16. Some day I'll go to London. Nice to know that you can do some cheap places there.
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  17. It's so funny but I never think about their being dolphins in a place like that. I guess I have just thought of the traditional landmarks.
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  18. mamatomanyblessings says

    I so would love to go there with my kids. Rich in history. It would be great for them to see what they are leaning in books up close! Especially the castles!
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  19. I think it would be awesome to visit.

  20. I would LOVE to take the kids to England – that would be such an awesome experience.
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  21. This looks awesome. My kids and I are looking for different places to visit and going to add this to our list.

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