6 ways to Enjoy Baby’s First Spring

Now that spring is finally here, the snow is going or gone, and the family’s newest member no longer has to be bundled up in multiple layers for warmth, it is time to take baby out for some exploration.

Remember: Everything is new to baby and almost everything is wonderful. Some of these suggested activities will vary of course depending whether or not baby is an infant or already starting to crawl. Somethings may be scary, so pay attention to your child’s reaction.

First Spring

1) Have a backyard picnic. Well, the picnic part is more for the parents, but let baby crawl around on a blanket and explore the outside.

2) Baby will love touching flowers, grass and newly budded leaves. Do bear in mind that the child’s instinct will be to stick anything handed to it straight into the mouth, so watch carefully if baby explores on the grass.

3) Is there an elder sister or brother? If they are old enough, one part of their helping out can be pushing the stroller. Find a nearby park with level pathways for this activity.

4) On a warm day, baby can have a bath outside. Although the child will love splashing about in the sunshine, he or she must be watched carefully whenever in the water.

5) Blow soap bubbles, and watch the baby’s eyes grow as wide as its smile.

6) And finally, as soon as the first dandelions go to seed, hold one up, and let baby puff away the tiny, floating parachutists. Both parent and child will never forget the experience.

And remember to take plenty of pictures of these memorable firsts.


  1. mistygrl70 says

    I am currently enjoying my granddaughter's first spring, indoors. She's just a few weeks old but I'm pretty anxious to get her outdoors.

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