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The very first concert I ever went to was Alice Cooper. I was about 14 years old and my dad and his friend took me to see him live. It was loud and wild and all kinds of awesome! At the time Alice Cooper had gotten away from his gruesome performances and was not wearing the make up many of his fans had grown to love. I remember my dad and his friends talking about the other concerts of his they attended before. Yet I was just thrilled to be there. Thrilled to see the large balloons thrown out into the crowd. Listen to the hard rock music I had loved for years and feeling the excitement of the crowd. All the buzz around me made me feel like I had never felt before. It was great!  

A couple years later I started to attend concerts on my own with friends. Kiss was the first one I went to, and loved every minute of it. I saved up and bought the ticket myself with my money from my part time job. I remember attending these concerts was quite the experience for me. Something I often looked forward to for months ahead of time. For many attending some of their fave bands concerts only happens once in a life time. So when you go, be sure to enjoy every minute of it. 

Other concerts I had the opportunity to go to include Nickelback and the Tragically Hip, two of my favourite Canadians bands. I have seen bands in large concert stadiums, small venues and in the park. The feeling of being alive is strong throughout these fabulous events. I remember every second of them like it were yesterday. There are still a few bands I would love to see in the upcoming years. I am just patiently hoping they come to my neck of the woods so we can make it a reality. 

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If you could see any band in concert, who would it be? 



  1. Alice Cooper was your first concert?? that is pretty hard core! lol I used to love going to the big park concerts! I think I would love to see someone really eccentric like Lady GaGa
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  2. MapleMouseMama says

    I have it on my bucket list, and it has been there for more then twenty years, but I want to see U2 in concert someday….someday…. BUT, I am starting the new level of concert goers off on the right foot this summer by taking my daughter to see One Direction 🙂 Oh the joys..

  3. I'm dying to see Garth Brooks. I think that would be a great concert 🙂 My first "big girl concert" (not Fred Penner haha) was Nickelback.
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