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Last night the kids and I headed into the city for a fun night. Before attending the show we went to Milestones Grill + Bar for dinner. It was just before dinner time so the restaurant was not very busy. The lights were dim and the atmosphere calm. The funky modern decor made the restaurant feel very fancy which my children loved.  I told the kids to pick what they wanted and their eyes lit up. 

milestones 3

Little one had the children’s menu with crayons. She coloured and had to be reminded to pick something a few times. She was too busy being creative 🙂 But she ended up picking the mini burgers with curly fries. The meals on the kids menu come with a drink and dessert. This is for children 12 and under.

milestones 2

She said the burgers were peppery but the perfect size for her. There were tonnes of curly fries and her pop had free refills. So she was happy! She loved colouring on her menu and completing the activities as well 

milestones 4

My teen boys are big eaters. One chose a burger and fries and the other chose a Sirloin steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The certified Angus Beef top Sirloin steak was big on flavour and hit the spot. The mashed potatoes made with skins (my fave) and the seasonal veggies on the side were a hit. 

milestones 8

My other son chose Milestones beef burger with American toppings (cheese and bacon) Served with a side of fries he loved every last bite.

milestones 7

Myself I wanted to try something different. I enjoy meals I would not have at home. Meals that are unique to the place I am dining at. So I looked at the Homestyle Chefs’ Menu. This menu is a limited time menu and available until April 20th. The recipes on this are created by Milestones chefs themselves. 

I had a hard time choosing as they all sounded so good. So I told the server my two choices and he recommended one. That one was the Seafood Paella made with shrimp, mussels, salmon, chicken chorizo sausage and basmati rice. The variation of spices, textures and flavours were like nothing I have ever has before. This was an amazing dish. I am sad it is just available for a limited time as I would love it again.  See the chef who created it below 

For a seafood lover like me who loves to try new things, this was the best choice! I was so happy with it. 

milestones 1

As we were finishing up, the table beside us got their starters. They picked the Adobo Prime rib Poutine that is also on this menu. It looked and smelled so good! But we had no room left after we were done . This is pictured on the menu below.


I highly recommend you check out the Homestyle Chef’s Menu if you are at Milestones before April 20th. We then paid our bill and headed to the show.  Almost forgot, I ordered take out for hubs as he was not with us. He was very happy about this when we arrived home. 

Milestones is a fun place to go for girls night out, a family meal or date night. We try to get there whenever in the city and it is possible.

Follow Milestones on Twitter @Milestonesca and connect on Facebook You can see more about the Homestyle Chefs’ Menu by following the hashtag #foodiesunite

Have you been to milestones lately? 


  1. thriftymommagogo says

    Not in a few months actually. We love Milestones. Well husband and I love it. I have the shrimp dianne almost every time. It's so delicious! Just the right amount of spicy. The girls and I used to go after Pilates on Monday nights. They have a girl's night special. I am not sure if they still have it but it was a great deal. It was four drinks and four apps. For four girlfriends, that is a great deal. Milestones, I hear also has some great gluten free options. My kids like the mini burgers too.
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  2. Kim Tanti says

    Glad you had a good time at Milestone Grill&BRA. LOL. I like their food to.I wanted to make a remark about breast feeding but some people might get offended.LOL

  3. Take out for Hubs!!! He must have been thrilled! The lunch menu at Milestones is great too – love popping in when I need a break from work.
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  4. I ate at Milestones once, years back, pre-kids. What stands out in my memory is how fantastic the desserts were. If they were local I would definitely try them again. This post has me thinking I need to visit next time we're in Toronto.
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  5. Not a mussel fan, but Seafood Paella looks tasty. Kind of like Jambalaya.

  6. yum, that all looks so good! It's making me hungry! and prime rib poutine??? hello!
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  7. That Paella looks delicious. It is very difficult to make a good paella so its good to hear that you like yours. I have to say the steak and burger looked so good to. I was in Milestones over the Christmas holidays with some girlfriends for drinks and appetizers…. Think its time to go back.
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  8. Always have Milestones on my list of place to dine, good food and atmosphere.

  9. kathy downey says

    I have never been at Milestones,but you all are making it sound delish i wish it was closer

  10. hmrcarlson says

    I didn't realize Milestones was so family-friendly!

  11. kristen v says

    i love milestones! we havent been there in so long and totally due to go. they have amazing food. havent brought our daughter there yet so i guess its time for a visit 🙂

  12. Agnes Chamberlain says

    as a family we love going to milestones its one of my 6 year olds places to eat 🙂

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