Danino Greek Yogurt for Kids Review & Giveaway


My children are very picky eaters! I am often surprised they are so active and healthy, as I really need to think about what they actually eat. They love fruit and cheese and popcorn and steak and potatoes. So I guess it is not that bad, it just seems they are afraid to try new things. One food they all love is yogurt. They love it on its own, as a dip or mixed in with smoothies. I do as well so this makes a lot of sense 🙂 

greek yogurt
Greek yogurt is a fave here in our home. The texture and thickness is like no other yogurt. We tried out the Danino Greek yogurt and the kids loved it! These creamy yogurts with two times the  proteins of regular stirred yogurts, have flavours like no other, Yellow Fruit, Banana Caramel and Grape. Since the Greek yogurt is prestirred the consistency and flavour is the same throughout. 

Little one even requested a smoothie made from it. I added 1 yogurt cup of Danino Greek yogurt, a banana, a half cup of milk and half cup of frozen berries. It was a great breakfast in a hurry this morning! 

danino smoothie

Mothers on the lookout for healthy, high-energy snacks: Danone launches first Greek yogurt for kids

Danino supports kids’ active lifestyle with new Greek yogurt

Between school, extracurricular activities and homework, kids need a little boost to support their active lifestyle. Greek yogurt, which has been growing in popularity due to its creamy-thick texture and high protein content, is now available in a specially-made formula for kids – Danino Greek.

Offered in three different flavours, with no artificial colours or flavouring, and packaged in colourful 100 g cups, new Danino Greek yogurt will delight the whole family. In addition to being a source of calcium and vitamin D, Danino Greek contains twice as much protein per 100 g as regular yogurt. It’s the perfect snack to invigorate kids in mind and body.

Danino Greek: the first yogurt tailored to kids’ tastes Presented in a fun package and offered in flavours that kids love, Danino Greek is the first Greek yogurt of its kind to appear on Canadian supermarket shelves.

danino_greek_photoYou can find the Danino Greek yogurt in the dairy section of your grocery store for $3.99

Contest alert

 Danone supports the active lives of all children. They’re also giving away the chance for two Canadian schools to get playground makeovers, along with 30 Playtime Baskets. Here’s the link to enter www.danone.ca/rally/.

Giveaway time! 

3 lucky Canadian readers will win 3 FPCs for Danino Greek yogurt


  1. i would think the blueberry

  2. probably the grape flavor

  3. banana caramel!

  4. Jeannie Lam says

    My son would love grape.

  5. humm I think they would like the yellow fruit

  6. i think they would like the yellow fruit
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  7. I don't have a child but I'd like to try the grape flavour.

  8. Amy Brown says

    I think she'd like "yellow fruit", well she'd probably like them all!

  9. andrea amy says

    My kids would like the yellow fruit 🙂

  10. Dianne Melnick says

    my girl would love the grape 🙂

  11. MapleMouseMama says

    Peach is our, I mean their favorite flavour 🙂
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  12. my daughter already LOVES the grape!

  13. kathy downey says

    My grandkids would like the yellow fruit 🙂 thanks

  14. My daughter would like the banana caramel flavor best. Yum!

  15. Florence C says

    My grandkids like the grape one.

  16. angela mitchell says

    I think my kids would like grape the best.

  17. Jennifer L. says

    I think my son would like the grape best.

  18. Erika Birrell says

    Yellow fruit

  19. Elizabeth D. says

    I think "yellow fruit" would be the most popular in our household.

  20. the yellow fruit would likely be a favorite!

  21. Heather B says

    I think my kids would like the Grape

  22. The grape flavour for my little guys.

  23. Dayna Wilson says

    My son would love the banana caramel.

  24. julie bolduc says

    The banana caramel sounds good

  25. Stephanie LaPlante says

    Banana Caramel

  26. Cheryl Grandy says

    Strawberry or Strawberry Banana

  27. Victoria Ess says

    I think they would like Banana Caramel

  28. Crystal Borrill says

    Both my kids would definitely love the banana caramel.

  29. Carole Dube says

    My granddaughter would love the grape

  30. Jennifer P. says

    Banana caramel would definitely be their favourite! Sounds like dessert!

  31. The Flying Couponer says

    My kids would love the best the Banana Caramel!
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  32. Tammy Dalley says

    They would love the grape

  33. The banana caramel would probably get inhaled by my kids.

  34. Teresa Claire says

    Everyone loves strawberry…my fave is blackberry but it isn't always available in yoghurt.

  35. melanie borhi says


  36. nicolthepickle says

    My kids would like the Yellow Fruit flavour.

  37. They would probably like the grape the best.

  38. big grape fans here

  39. holly ogorman says

    Yellow fruit would be a big hit at my house

  40. seham merzib says

    yellow fruit

  41. OMG… Banana Caramel!! Fo Sho 🙂

  42. Caramel's well liked so I think the Banana Caramel might be liked best.

  43. marie cat says

    the banana caramel would be a hit

  44. Debbie W says


  45. angela m says

    My kids would love grape

  46. the blueberry

  47. The yellow fruit.

  48. wendy Hutton says

    love the banana caramel

  49. Robyn B. says

    My daughter would like the grape.

  50. shellie clark says

    My son would love grape

  51. Chris Stockford says


  52. jessica monahan says

    my son would love the grape 🙂

  53. Banana Caramel sounds delicious!
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  54. they would like the grape flavour

  55. aly3360 says

    I think banana caramel would be the favourite out of the three.

  56. Wanda Muise says

    My kids love blueberry!

  57. My daughter would like the blueberry the most.

  58. mistygrl70 says

    She would love blueberry.

  59. Grape for my kids!

  60. My guy would probably like the banana caramel best.

  61. Anna Michele says

    My kids loved the caramel one and i loved reusing the cute little cups.

  62. Holly Wright says

    Banana Caramel

  63. Monique Shuell says

    I think my daughter will like the Yellow Fruit the best.

  64. My girls will ove yellow fruit

  65. My kids like yellow fruit.

  66. My child would love grape the best, I think!

  67. Tara gauthier says

    The banana caramel looks like one my kids would love

  68. Jessica C says




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