Ford Mustang turns 50- Event coverage

Recently Tales of a Ranting Ginger was invited to a birthday party for the Ford Mustang. It was a big one, the Mustang turned 50! Amy was there and it was a blast! See below

mustang Amy

Last week the iconic Ford Mustang officially turned the big ‘5-0’ with events all over Canada and the U.S. (I’m told that even in Fort Myers Florida, where my parents were, there was a big party) to celebrate the milestone (pun intended).

mustang old

In an era where things change almost overnight, anything that lasts this long in the marketplace is quite the feat and Ford has indeed succeeded with this showstopper from their line-up.

mustang red

The parties also provided the perfect opportunity to show off the new 2015 version of the icon.


It did not disappoint. You can see clearly how the design hearkens back to its 60’s roots with the fastback styled roof and the mix of modern technology on the dash, but with the touch I personally loved, of simple switches for a few operations. From a racing background standpoint I was beyond impressed at how the designers finished off the aero on the rear of the car. This is a big oversight with a lot of cars that claim to be sporty and it gets to me (I’m far too much of a car nut sometimes). Ford did a great job with this as you can see in the picture. The air is pulled under the car and then split beautifully at the back in an effort to maximize aero. For the non-car nuts, it means it cuts the air better for a smoother ride with more power and less resistance ;).

mustang yellow

And Ford knows how to celebrate too. Trivia contests, the most amazing cake featuring a Mustang on a turntable and quite the selection of Mustangs from over the years made for an evening I won’t soon forget. A highlight for sure was posing with the gorgeous ‘65 they had on display. Ironic as my parents had JUST sold their ‘65 about 4 weeks prior.

mustang cake

A great party with an icon that has evolved for sure, but has not lost its identity and roots either. Check it out in showrooms near you.

Motor on!

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  1. Teresa Claire says

    I love the new 2015 Mustang…very sporty!

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