Hanging out at the Harlem Globetrotters “Fans Rule” game #ptpaGlobies

We kicked off our long weekend with a bang! Thursday night we headed into the city and over to Budweiser Gardens to check out the Harlem Globetrotters in action. This was my first time seeing them live as well as my childrens. This high energy show was full of laughs, tricks and crowd participation along with great music from the start. All while playing a basketball game against the Allstars.

HG signA part of the show we all loved was the audience participation. Fans came up to be part of the show. Some got tricks played on them and some got to try their luck at winning some prizes. My kids really did not know what to expect. My boys are basketball fans but little one, not so much. We all had a great time and lots of laughs. She loved when they pulled down each others shorts in front of everyone lol

You don’t have to know anything about basketball to love the Globetrotters. They are letting fans vote on new rules of the game this year – and you don’t have to be a sports fans to participate. Before you go to a game, head to www.harlemglobetrotters.com/rule and pick the rule you and your kids want to see in your game.

HG wide shot

My kids had a lot of fun laughing at the pranks and performances. The Harlem Globetrotters are a real crowd pleaser for sure. It was also great to see a woman on the team (T-Time) . Too Tall was also a fave of ours as he is not very tall but is BIG on playing tricks and making the crowd laugh. This team has a lot of talent with their skills on the court, but is also very entertaining. They also love their fans! You can see this with every trick, jump or dance they did. 

HG dance

They took some time and showed us all their moves. The moves they recently learned from Dancing with the Stars Mark Ballas. You can watch the training video here.

HG dance 2

The fans in the crowd were of all ages. Parents, grandparents and children as well as couples and basketball fans. We could hear the crowd laughing and cheering the entire time. It was a fun evening. The show itself lasted about 2 1/2 hours for those of you with young children or who are traveling to the show. 


The Globetrotters continue their 2014 “Fans Rule” tour throughout the U.S. and Canada through the end of April. In all, Globetrotters’ tour will visit over 250 cities. Check out their schedule at www.harlemglobetrotters.com/tickets. Save $7 off each ticket by using the promo code “PTPA” when you make your purchase.

PTPA-Kid skip_Flight Time (left) and Hi-Lite-2

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Harlem Globetrotters stack logo

Disclosure- As a PTPA ambassador I received admission to the Harlem Globetrotters show. All opinions expressed are my own 


  1. So fun! We had a blast when we saw the Globetrotters the other week too! My 5 yr old was in awe! She thinks Too Tall is the coolest guy on the planet!
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