The Heel-Less Shoe Trend: Get the Look with These 6 Items

The heelless shoe is created for the fashion forward, avant-garde, and brave soldiers of fashion.

You see Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga stealing the spotlight with their exquisite look as though they are displaying a work of art. With the right apparel and accessories, you can definitely wear Privileged heelless shoes with confidence.

For a laidback style gone fashion forward, we’re taking Melissa G’s look with all the affordable picks found in Make Me Chic. Get your eyes ready for these mouth-watering pieces.

1. Heel-Less Shoes. Start your look by choosing a pair of heel-less shoes which you can confidently (and safely) wear. We know Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga mastered the art of strutting their dangerous style so get yourself acquainted with Privileged Clinic Geo Heel Less Booties in Neon Orange. If you want fierce, this geometric patterned heel-less platforms will give you fierce! Forget about the patent black finish and get yourself something with color this spring. This pair has a soft cushioned footbed so prepare for an unbelievably comfortable experience.

2. Denim Shorts. Great with sneakers and with heels (and heel-less shoes), denim shorts are part of your basic wardrobe which can go from simple casual to high-end chic style. This Unfinished High Waist Shorts in daisy duke style will send you out in the right direction when it comes to flaunting your fashion taste.

3. Tights. To tone down your denim shorts’ rugged style, add these black Lined Floral Tights for a feminine touch. These semi-sheer tights in a thin silky material let you enjoy wearing tights even on warm summer days. It’s also your go-to piece of clothing when you don’t want to bare too much skin. Of course, this will look great with your heel-less shoes. 

4. Black Top. While the bottom part of your ensemble is busy enough with geometric patterns and lined floral prints, take some time to consider a simple yet edgy piece in this Razor Cut Fringe black top. It’s plain on the front but with knot fringe detail at the back. This loose-fitting sleeveless shirt is so comfortable that walking around or dancing at a concert would be flawless.

5. Gold Cuff. When it comes to jewelry, pick a statement piece like this Textured Metallic Cuff that’s perfect to make a look more feminine and classy. It will add shine to your wardrobe while breaking the monotony of black color in your ensemble. This classic style can be worn together with your outfit and even when you’re looking regal in an evening gown.

6. Hat. Finally, a Wool Top Hat caps off your fashionable look that’s perfect when you put your hair down. Whether you’re trying to hide a bad hair day or you simply want to show off a great head piece, this wool hat becomes your most versatile accessory.

You only need 6 pieces to achieve a celebrity look with your heel-less shoes. Build your confidence and think about stunning, head-turning styles by getting fabulous pieces from


  1. Great list for 2014. But I looking for 2015. You can write a list similar. I like sporty sandal


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