Maplelea Dolls Pirouettes and Pliés set Review

Maplelea outfit


Pirouettes and Pliés set – Your doll will be ready to spin and plié at ballet practice with this 10-piece outfit! The set includes a hand beaded and sequined bodysuit, 2-layer wrap skirt, knitted wrap sweater, dance tights, knit leg warmers, embroidered bag, embroidered towel, ballet slippers, and bun maker. Learn some interesting facts about Canada’s national ballet in the accompanying journal pages. $47.

My daughter is lucky enough to have a couple Maplelea dolls in her collection. She loves to dress them up and brush their long hair. The dolls already come with an outfit, but it is fun to change things up. We were sent the Pirouettes and Pliés set. Little one loved how easy it was to dress her doll. The box came with everything a little ballerina would need including fun facts and info.

maplelea doll

It was nice for little one to be able to dress her doll up without needing myhelp. The clothes are soft and very durable. They fit the dolls perfectly as well!

Adorable looking and high quality embroidered items make this set so great! 

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Disclosure- Product was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own


  1. Teresa Claire says

    My daughter took ballet when she was little. I love these dolls and this set is perfect for them!

  2. hmrcarlson says

    My girls would love this set. So realistic!

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