Packing Tips for Mexico

If Mexico is your next travel destination then chances are you’re already starting to wonder what to pack. While sundresses, swim shorts and flip flops might seem like all you’ll need, here are a few more items you’ll want to include to ensure you have a great vacation.

Stay Safe in the Sun

With long days of sunshine, you’ll want to be prepared. Pack your favorite sunscreen to keep your skin safe. Hats, visors, and sunglasses will also help keep the sun at bay. Even though wearing a bathing suit and tank tops all day can be tempting, pack a few lightweight long sleeve tops and long pants or skirts. Having too much sun exposure can cause serious damage to your skin. A quick way to ruin a vacation? Getting sunburned! Be sure your bag includes aloe, pain medication, and comfortable clothing just in case you do get burned. You’ll be able to take care of yourself and not spend the rest of your time inside.

Mexico beach

Functional Multi-purpose Pieces

With the high cost of checking luggage it makes sense to pack as light as possible. Classic pieces like a solid colored sundress or maxi dress can be used as a beach cover or can be paired with some jewelry and a light weight sweater for an evening outfit. Choosing fabrics that dry quickly like cotton or linen means if you do get something dirty it can easily be washed out and hung up to dry quickly thanks to the hot Mexican sun. Avoid big, clunky shoes choosing instead a few pairs that can be worn with many different outfits.

ruins in Mexico

Don’t Let the Heat Fool You

While daytime temperatures can soar over 100F, once the sun goes down the temperatures also drop significantly. Don’t forget to pack a few items that can stave off the cold. If you’ll be on the water at all, keep in mind that it’s also much colder than sitting on the beach in the sun. Packing a variety of clothing to be prepared for all possible weather will ensure you’re prepared for anything.

Mexico restaurant

Other Items to Consider

When visiting foreign countries finding over the counter medications can be difficult if not impossible. Save yourself the hassle and pack a small emergency first aid kit. Include items like pain relievers (Tylenol/Advil etc.), anti-diarrheal medications, antacids, band aids, allergy medication (like Benadryl), and any cold medications. If you’re traveling with kids be sure to include the appropriate medications for their age as well. This little kit can really save you a lot of time and hassle if someone does fall ill. While often a second thought, consider bringing a large, pool towel. Often times resort towels are small and can be worn thin. A good towel can serve as a picnic blanket, chair cover, or even a pillow if you end up with a long delay.


Don’t forget to also pack some things to keep you busy! A few favorite magazines, a good book, your camera, a journal and pens, and of course some spending money are all items that can be included in your carry-on bag, saving precious luggage space. Finally consider packing a small collapsible duffle bag. You can toss dirty clothes in the bag during your trip and use the extra space to bring home gifts!

Happy travels! 


  1. Oh so true!! Those meds are hard to find when you are somewhere like Mexico. The anti-diarrheal and the tylenol are crucial parts of my flight bag.
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  2. canadianbloghouse says

    All great advice! My brother just came back from Mexico where temps reached 43 degrees celcius in April! He said he just about fried, even with sunscreen on. Very important to take things like antibiotic/pain reliever, etc with you when you travel to destinations like Mexico, the Dominican, etc. You can't always count on having access to that kind of stuff when you are on vacation.

  3. MapleMouseMama says

    Great packing tips Kim! Although we do not have travel plans in the foreseeable future these are great things to remember. And always, always keep room for souvenirs 🙂
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  4. Did you write this article just for me? I read that line about "Avoid big, clunky shoes" and started laughing.
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  5. I've never been to Mexico… or, well, on vacation in a long, long while… but if I WERE to go somewhere 🙂
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  6. I would love to go to Mexico! Great tips, especially about the weather as I wouldn't have thought it wasn't always hot.
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  7. hmrcarlson says

    These are great tips! I was very glad that I followed most of them when we visited Mexico a few years ago!

  8. What some fantastic advice – I have never been lucky enough to go to Mexico but would love to one day 🙂

  9. Packing multi-purpose clothing is a great tip. Airlines charge so much for luggage, you want to get the most out of every item.

  10. Great tips considering I've never been to Mexico so it's good to know what to do and I would never have thought that it would get cold there.

  11. I've never been to Mexico so I wouldn't know the first thing about packing for a vacation there. I'm glad to know that I would need something to wear for those cold moments that arise.

  12. I have been to Mexico tons of time and you are right about the weather. During the day you are burning up but at night freeze city.

  13. loisaltermark says

    Good tips to know. I can't believe I've never been to Mexico, and I live in Southern California!

  14. I would really enjoy a trip to Mexico right about now. This time of year is hard to adjust to the cold weather.

  15. Kristen from... says

    Great tips! Can I just go sit on that dock and soak it all in?!

  16. amandamcmahon299783648 says

    It is a good idea to be prepared when you travel. Sometimes we forget small things that become a major issue.

  17. Melissa Smith says

    I've never been to Mexico, but at least when I do go I'll know how to pack. Especially since I didn't realize there was such a drastic temperature difference between night & day.

  18. I've never been to Mexico. It's definitely on my bucket list. I'll remember these tips!

  19. Oh Mexico! I would love to go! Wonderful tips!

  20. prettyopinionated says

    I would love to visit Mexico, especially to see the ancient ruins. Thanks for the tips for if I ever get there!

  21. Those are all great ideas. I always have such a hard time packing.
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