Prince Killian And The Holy Grail DVD


An epic, sword-slinging, action-packed adventure tale set in the 12th century, Prince Killian and The Holy Grail is a riveting entertainment that brings one of Spain’s most popular comic book heroes to life!

During the Third Crusade in Palestine, the heroic knight-errant Prince Killian is entrusted with a sacred mission: to retrieve the Holy Grail from the clutches of an evil lord. Killian, with the assistance of his loyal sidekicks – clever young Crispin, portly Goliath, and the beautiful Viking Princess Sigrid of Thule –  must leap into action in order to reclaim the Grail, and possibly turn the tide of the Crusades!

Starring Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Natasha Yarovenko and Adríán LamanaPrince Killian and The Holy Grail is a thrilling experience for fans of epic adventure and classic comics alike.

The quest has begun. Heed the call of Prince Killian.

Available April 29 2014 throughout Canada and USA 

If you enjoy movies about history and containing adventure and action this will be for you. Contains violence and strong language. Run time 107 minutes. Order your copy today 


  1. This movie falls right into my category of interests. Thank-you for sharing because now…I soooo gotta see it.

  2. This looks like a movie that our entire family would enjoy

  3. hmrcarlson says

    I think my hubby would enjoy this. My girls – probably not :).

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